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Leadership Transition: Tips & Techniques for Success
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LTLeadership Transition:  Tips & Techniques for Success
One sign of economic recovery is that organizations are continuing to put new leaders in place.  What ever the level, successful leadership transition is critical for organizations to maximize performance.  This article provides tips and techniques for individuals going through a leadership transition.  Human Resource or Organizational Effectiveness professionals responsible for supporting the new leader will also find the tips and techniques useful to ensure a smooth transition.
Leadership research indicates that the action and inactions during the first three months are a key success factor in a new job, especially when coming in from the outside.  Therefore, it is important during the transition period to prepare properly, before day one and to actively manage your actions during the first 90 days.
Keep in mind these key tips:
  • Prepare yourself and develop a plan for the first 90 days
  • Approach the new position with a well-defined learning plan
  • Align expectations with your new boss
  • Develop your strategy by gaining input from team members
  • Assess and build your team
  • Communicate, communicate, and communicate
  • Remember to find a work/life balance during this transition period to effectively manage the additional stress
To learn more specific tips and techniques about each of these areas, click here.  Also, included in the PDF is a step-by-step guide for building a Learning Plan.
 MAY 6, 2010  - 11:30 AM TO 12:30 PM EDT
CBI logoProactively Reduce Field Based Compliance Risks and Create Compliant Field Behavior 
Field Based Monitoring (FBM) has been called for in recent CIAs, OIG statements, and US Sentencing Guidelines as a necessary component of an effective compliance program for pharmaceutical and device manufacturers.
Learn best practices for creating and implementing FBM as part of an effective compliance program from a leading industry expert, Dr. Wendy Heckelman, creator of the I GLASS MethodTM.   
This webinar will review recent changes in the compliance landscape, challenges facing individuals and companies from heightened prosecutions, and common pitfalls of existing compliance programs.  You will learn the necessary components of a process to proactively reduce field based compliance risks and create compliant field behavior. Participants will also gain insight into ways to develop and coach field managers as a means to strengthen a culture of compliance throughout your organization.
Sign up to understand how effective Field Based Monitoring can help you: 
  • Avoid common pitfalls and ensure success of your monitoring efforts
  • Certify that compliance policies have been translated into field conduct
  • Know whether compliance training is creating behavior change in the field
  • Monitor interactions with Healthcare professionals in the field
  • Identify behavioral trends and areas of greatest risk in the field
  • Measure and metric field based conduct to mitigate compliance risk
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our Field Based Monitoring ProgramŽ; a comprehensive, defensible approach that monitors adherence to compliant pharmaceutical sales excellence.


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