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Driving Cultural Integration Post Merger
Leader-Led Learning
What does Good IME Support Look Like?
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Issue: #2 February 2010 
To our clients and colleagues,

WLH Consulting, Inc. appreciates all of the positive responses from our first newsletter and we hope future editions will help you improve your organization's effectiveness.   If you would like more information about our core areas of expertise, click on the section tabs to be directed to our website.

Strategy Development & Execution
Driving Cultural Integration Post Merger:  Lessons Learned
Research has proven that most mergers fail to achieve intended strategic and financial objectives because during the due diligence process and the subsequent integration effort, little attention is focused on blending the two organization's cultures.  Senior leaders and transition teams are typically overwhelmed with the various workstreams required during an integration.   Successful M&A efforts recognize that a successful merger / integration require the dedication of time and resources to develop a cultural integration plan to ensure long-term success. 
Read more about how to develop and execute a cultural integration plan. 

Human Capital Strategy

Leader-Led Learning: An Impactful and Cost Effective Way to Develop Leadership Capabilities

Organizations that place a premium on leadership development recognize that a multi-disciplinary and multi-layered approach is needed.  Also, research continues to show that leadership development efforts that focus on where learning best takes place, on-the-job, proves to have the most impact.  


One effective method to meet all of these challenges is to utilize leader-led learning.  Leader-led learning modules are competency-based workshops that can be easily facilitated by any manager with no special training and little or no advance preparation required.  


Click here to learn more on Leader-Led Learning and to view a sample Leader-Led Learning Module. 

Pharm Applications Tab

What does "Good" Look Like for Pharmaceutical Independent Medical Education (IME) Support? 

The pharmaceutical industry continues to face scrutiny around its support of independent medical education. The critics claim that Pharma support introduces "inherent biases" to education and there are calls to place greater restrictions on Pharma involvement. Even within the industry, some stakeholders fail to see the strategic value of Independent Medical Education (IME) support for the company.
Directors of medical education groups need to respond to these challenges in order to continue to provide valuable support. Externally, they need to convince stakeholders that the pharmaceutical industry can provide IME in a compliant manner.  Internally, they need to convince stakeholders of the strategic value of IME support for the company and ensure it is used as a resource in a compliant fashion.
Click here for recommended steps to help IME groups address these challenges.
Need help with Creating a Culture of Compliance?


Learn more about our comprehensive, defensible approach that monitors adherence to compliant pharmaceutical sales excellence.
Join us next month for more best practices and lessons learned on Developing your Group's Value Proposition and more.  Until then, feel free to contact WLH Consulting, Inc. for specific information.
Wendy Heckelman, Ph.D.
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