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Business Planning & Resource Allocation
Process Improvement: Common Sense Steps for Adding Value
Make Your Development a Priority for 2010
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Issue: #1 January 2010 
To our clients and colleagues,

WLH Consulting, Inc. is excited to launch our e-newsletter designed to share best practices and help you improve your organization's effectiveness.  With the new year beginning, the topics were selected to provide you with specific tips and techniques to guide your planning efforts.  Our goal is to provide practical tools that drive organizational effectiveness and performance improvement. 


If you would like more information about our core areas of expertise, click on the section tabs to be directed to our website.

Strategy Development & Execution

Ten Reasons to Implement a Consistent Business Planning and Resource Allocation Process in Your Organization
With the new year beginning, this is a good time to review last year's planning efforts and subsequent business plan results.  As you reflect back on 2009, ask questions such as: 
  • Could the overall planning process have been improved?
  • Were plans put in place that yielded the desired results? 
  • Did I effectively translate broader strategic initiatives into actionable plans?
  • What can I do to create a more focused business plan and monitor its progress throughout the upcoming year?
Click here to learn more about how our Business Planning and Resource Allocation Framework can help your organization be proactive, consistent, and disciplined with developing executable business plans.

Business Performance Improvement

Process Improvement:  Common Sense Steps for Adding Value

In this current lean economic climate, everyone is trying to do more with less; less money, less assets, less staff, and less control over the environment.  Given these pressures, how can you improve your group's effectiveness to ensure their success?


Click here to learn more about our common sense steps to Process Improvement and how they can help your group be more effective with less.


Human Capital Strategy

Make Your Development a Priority in 2010
As you enter 2010 and make your New Year's resolutions, don't forget to make your professional development a priority. This is even more important given the unpredictable economic climate and the need to stay one step ahead in your field.  To maintain and improve upon the critical competencies required for success it is helpful to create an Individual Development Plan you can stick with this year.
Click here for tips on creating an Individual Development Plan (IDP). 
Best wishes in making 2010 a year of professional growth and success!

Pharm Applications Tab

Medical Action Planning:  A MAP to Successfully Leveraging the Medical Function

Medical and Marketing collaboration and alignment is increasingly critical as Medical plays a growing role in executing important

therapeutic area and brand strategies, e.g., the importance of the "medical to medical" dialogue in driving scientific exchange.


Click here to learn how our Medical Action Planning (MAP) process has helped our pharmaceutical clients enhance Medical's contribution to defining strategy and making decisions to allocate the "medical mix" of resources (e.g., field medical, independent medical education, publications, outcomes research, and independent investigator trials).
We hope you found our newsletter helpful. As always, we are interested in hearing from you, so please share any feedback with us.  Join us next month for  more best practices and lessons learned on:
  • Driving Cultural Integration Post Merger
  • Developing Your Group's Value Proposition
  • Using Leader Led Learning to Drive Individual and Team Development
  • Pharma's Changing Role related to Support of Continuing Medical Education
Until then, feel free to contact WLH Consulting, Inc. for specific information.
May 2010 be a successful year for you and your organization!
Wendy Heckelman, Ph.D.
WLH Consulting, Inc.
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