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August 2012 News from OMA



Here are some upcoming events around our region:


August 24th           Corvallis OMA Assistant's Workshop

September 8th       Peace & Justice Fair in Vancouver

September 15th     OMA Assistant's Workshop in Portland

October 13th           OMA Sharing Fair at The Ivy School's Morris Campus

November 17-18    Dr. Joyce Pickering Workshop - "Supporting Children with                                                 Learning Differences in a Montessori Environment"                                                            sponsored by Montessori of Alameda


Mark your calendars for the Assistant's Workshops!  We look forward to gathering with new and seasoned assistants from all teaching levels to share the role of the assistant in preparation for this school year.  Dr. Kathleen Lloyd and Amy Williams, MA, will be presenting in Portland, and Kathleen is joined (today!) by Cathryn Kasper and Doni Manning-Cyrus at Corvallis Montessori School.  They will offer quality insights about communication, care of the environment, observation, and handling transitions with small groups.  Our thanks to Corvallis Montessori School and Providence Montessori School for providing the venues.  


Register here for Portland on September 15th 


Welcome to the Portland Montessori Collaborative!  Hilary Smith of Cedar Montessori School and Mercedes Paine-Castle of AllRoads Learning Community have joined in creating a toddler and primary community in Bridlemile, in SW Portland.  View the details here and visit their website.  We look forward to supporting their school's growth and evolution.  Welcome and congratulations!


Share your school's news!  Send an email to Jennifer and we will post news of how your school is growing, changing, or remaining a consistent program in your neighborhood over the years.  Have you added new age groups to your school?  Expanded your offerings to include more outdoor work spaces?  Do you have a new director we can welcome to the community?  Have any great ideas you'd like to share with others?  Contact us and we'll share your news.


OMA will host the Sharing Fair again this fall!  We will have the fair at the Montessori of Alameda Morris campus, with its natural outdoor environment to inspire ideas about the outdoor prepared environment and lessons.   Look for the brochure in the mail and news on our website.  Start thinking about what special presentations you have in the classroom that you would like to display.  The event will be Saturday, October 13th, 9am - noon.



OMA will be promoting peaceful education and parenting at The Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair on Saturday, September 8, 2012 in Vancouver, WA.  Volunteers are needed to staff our booth.  All Montessori and peace enthusiasts who are available for a 1-2 hour shift between 9:00am - 4:00pm, please contact Southwest Washington OMA liaison Julie Davis.  Please spread the word among your communities!


For more information on the fair visit their website

Julie Davis - OMA Regional Representative and Coordinator



Mark your calendars for the weekend workshop with Dr. Joyce Pickering - "Supporting Children with Learning Differences in a Montessori Environment". 

November 17th, 8:30am - 4:30pm and November 18th, 8:30am - 2:00pm.  Register online through Montessori of Alameda.  


OMA is having a full board meeting on August 27th, 6:30pm at Puddletown School - let us know how you would like to be involved.  We have committees you may join to help create a workshop or gather articles to share through the Forza Vitale.  Your participation is welcome and encouraged.


With thanks,


Jennifer Ryznar

OMA Executive Director






Membership letters have been sent for the 2012/13 school year.

School and Individual membership dues will remain the same for the coming year.  Rates are available on our "shop" page, linked below.


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OMA Events 2012


 August 24th, 2012

OMA Assistant's Workshop at Corvallis Montessori School 9am - 12:30pm


September 8th, 2012

Vancouver Peace and Justice Fair


September 15th, 2012

OMA Assistant's Workshop in Portland at Providence Childcare Center, 9am - 12:30pm


October 13th, 2012

OMA Fall Sharing Fair at The Ivy School's Morris Campus


November 17th and 18th, 2012

A Weekend Workshop with Dr. Joyce Pickering of the Shelton School in Texas.  "Supporting Learning Differences in a Montessori Environment"  sponsored by Montessori of Alameda.  Location:  American Red Cross, 3131 N Vancouver Ave, Portland 97227  Register online!





Please forward this news bulletin to all your staff members and board members.  

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Jennifer Ryznar, Executive Director