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Soul Discovery on Horseback offers Personal Retreats for Women!
Personal Retreats
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for a horseback riding retreat located in Madison, GA.
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Price varies according to how many days you stay, what type of room you get and what activities we schedule. Feel free to contact me for your own custom quote.
(Men, what a nice gift to give that special woman in your life!)
Take care of yourself.  You deserve it and will be a better partner/mother/wife  once you do.  

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A Woman's Personal Journey through Retreats 

Are you a woman in need of some "me" time?
Feeling overwhelmed or burned out?
Going through some life changes that make you feel unproductive?
If it's time to experience some transformation in your life, come on retreat with Teresa. This is not therapy or counseling. It's an opportunity for you to be heard without judgement, to get remotivated and to formulate a plan in which to take inspired action to achieve the results you crave.
If this is something that resonates with your soul, contact me today by clicking on the button above to discuss how we can make this happen.

Some optional activities include:

  • Discovering your "gold" values you stand for upon which all your decisions should be made by.
  • Learn what job or life opportunities you are best suited for.
  • Learn great time management techniques to help you make better use of your most valuable resource-time.
  • Develop an attitude of gratitude.
  • Learn effective stress management.
  • Go introspective using your creative juices.
  • Burn those negative thoughts and create positive turn-around statements.
  • Create powerful affirmations and learn how to internalize them.
  • Participate in creative visualizations and meditations.
  • Learn how to just "be" instead of always doing.

Call me today for a confidential interview to determine if a personal retreat is right for you.


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Teresa Wolf
Certified Retreat Coach and
Experienced Equine Facilitator
I invite you to come on retreat with me. I would love to share in your experience of growth.  
I have had a wide variety of career options which has given me many experiences to draw from in order to be a well rounded coach.
  • Registered Nurse
  • Paramedic
  • Associate Broker in Real Estate
  • Co-owner of Wolf Real Estate Sales, Inc.
  • Coach with Keller Williams International
  • Owner of Transactions Plus
  • Owner and Founder of Your Chosen Path Coaching and Custom Retreats

I have specialized training in business coaching, life coaching, career coaching, spiritual coaching and retreat coaching.

I have owned horses at various times in my life and know the value of horses as part of my team when doing horse retreats.  I find them to be very intuitive, they know if someone is authentic or faking.  In addition, I have trained with Melisa Pearce in her highly acclaimed "Touched by a Horse" program, the only equine gestalt program in the US.   
Personally, I married my high school (actually elementary school) sweetheart and have been married for over 32 years.  We have 2 grown daughters and 1 gorgeous grandson.  My dog soul mate is Jazzy, my giant schnauzer.