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  American Pakistan Foundation announces new appointments
to Board of Directors

Asad Jamal, Faysal Sohail and Shamila Chaudhary added to APF board

New York, November 18, 2011 - The American Pakistan Foundation (APF) announces the addition of three new board members. Asad Jamal, Faysal Sohail, and Shamila Chaudhary have been appointed to the APF board, bringing the total number of board members to 11.


APF's mission is to effectively catalyze long-term economic development and social change in Pakistan by engaging the diaspora and the private sector and by building partnerships with key stakeholders in Pakistan and the United States. APF supports sustainable and scalable socio-economic initiatives in Pakistan and offers a secure and transparent channel for philanthropic funding to Pakistan.


APF Board Chair, Dr. Nafis Sadik, welcomed the new appointees, saying, "Our new board members have a deep-rooted commitment to working towards a better Pakistan and bring a diverse set of experiences and skills to APF. We are excited to have them join us in working together towards long-term change in Pakistan."


Asad Jamal is Founder and Managing Partner, ePlanet Capital and is a pioneer in global venture capital. Asad is also an investor in social ventures as agents of change. "I am honored to join the APF board, and to contribute towards the goal of a better tomorrow for Pakistan," said Asad Jamal. Asad is based in Silicon Valley.


Faysal Sohail is a venture capitalist based in Silicon Valley and is dedicated to promoting global entrepreneurship and education. He is presently General Partner at CMEA Capital. "I believe that access to education and energy are the two main ingredients needed to effect socio-economic change in the lives of people. I am excited to join APF's board to make it happen for the people of Pakistan," said Faysal Sohail.


Shamila Chaudhary is an Analyst at the Eurasia Group and is a Senior Fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington, DC, focusing on Pakistan and South Asian issues. She has over a decade of experience in US Government, including at the White House and State Department. "I look forward to working with the American Pakistan Foundation to advance the development agenda in Pakistan and to build strategic partnerships with U.S. institutions focused on the future of Pakistan," said Shamila Chaudhary.


In addition to expanding the board, the American Pakistan Foundation is also building its executive team and is announcing the hiring of Misbah Naqvi as Vice President, Business Development and Communications. Misbah brings over fourteen years of private sector and non-profit experience in various roles with Citigroup and Acumen Fund in Pakistan and the United States.


For a full list of the American Pakistan Foundation Board of Directors, please visit the APF website.  



About the American Pakistan Foundation


The American Pakistan Foundation (APF) seeks to effectively catalyze long term economic development and social change in Pakistan by engaging the diaspora and the private sector and by building partnerships with key stakeholders in Pakistan and the United States.  APF identifies and supports credible and scalable socio-economic initiatives by collaborating with partners on the ground in Pakistan, and by mobilizing intellectual and financial resources towards these programs. The American Pakistan Foundation is working closely with non-profit and civil society organizations in Pakistan to implement its flood recovery and rehabilitation program, impacting over 35,000 lives. APF offers a secure and transparent channel for charitable giving and is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization in the United States.


For more information please visit  www.americanpakistan.org.    




Misbah Naqvi

Vice President

Business Development and Communications

American Pakistan Foundation  

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