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Community meeting

Sakahani rebuilt school 

Dear Friends,


Eid Mubarak and best wishes from the American Pakistan Foundation!

We are pleased to share an update on our activities and announce our upcoming events. Our current programs are well underway and we will be announcing our new programs and projects in September.


We have also added a 'Spotlight on Giving' segment to our newsletter, where we will be sharing credible organizations and worthy causes for you to support.


We look forward to hearing from you on ideas and suggestions, so please keep them coming!

On the Ground Impact  

It has been one year since the monsoons caused devastating floods in Pakistan and millions of people are once again at risk. As we shared earlier, we are evaluating a number of long-term sustainable solutions to address infrastructure needs in vulnerable areas.


In the meantime, we are pleased to report that our Flood Recovery and Rehabilitation program is on track and most of the initiatives are close to successful completion. Here are some highlights of the progress since we provided an update last month:

  • Program: Rehabilitation of micro-infrastructure systems for clean drinking water and irrigation
  • Partners: Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) and Sarhad Rural Support Programme (SRSP)
  • Regions: Swat district, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
  • Impact: 33 micro-infrastructure systems impacting over 25,000 people
  • Progress:
    • Micro-infrastructure projects have been initiated in all 33 targeted villages, directly affecting 3,940 households (higher than the targeted number of people).   
    • SRSP and RSPN have successfully completed 19 projects and work is underway on the remaining 14 systems.Paved neighborhood in Rahimabad 
    • The projects include rebuilding of pukka water systems as well as sanitation and street pavement schemes (photo shows street pavement work underway in Rahimabad, Swat).  
    • Water quality tests are being carried out at all project sites, in order to guarantee purity.
    • RSPN and SRSP are also establishing Women Community Organizations in the project area, by assigning Female Social Organizers to engage them.  

 Livelihoods & Entrepreneurship 

  • Program: Rapid Livelihoods Rebuilding via Livestock
  • Partners: Relief International (RI)
  • Regions: Nowshera district, Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa
  • Impact: 2,500 people in 650 households
  • Progress:  
    • Relief International has completed beneficiary verification and all door-to-door visits have been successfully conducted with the help of the community organizations. A token system was designed to link verified beneficiaries with the goats provided to them, ensuring transparency and proper distribution.
    • Two suppliers of lactating goats were selected for the program after a competitive review which included monitoring through quarantine periods.
    • Capacity building of program beneficiariLivestock traininges was conducted through intensive training on livestock rearing, housing, feeding, and disease management. Following the training, each of the 650 beneficiaries in the selected 5 union councils were provided one lactating goat, which will be a valuable asset and source of income for their households.

For details on these projects and other program we are supporting, please visit Our Programs.  

Community & Government Engagement

We believe that effective community and government engagement is vital as we work towards change in Pakistan.
Upcoming Events 



Discussion forum with USAID Administrator Dr. Raj Shah

September 19, 2011, 10 am, at the Asia Society, New York


APF has invited Dr. Raj Shah to share an update on USAID's work in Pakistan. Dr. Shah will highlight progress on USAID's development programs in Pakistan and outline the organization's strategy going forward. APF is hosting the forum in collaboration with Asia Society. The event will be an interactive session, providing a unique opportunity to engage with Dr. Shah. We look forward to participation from the Pakistani-American community. Please save the date and we will share event details shortly.

Recent activites


Here's a snapshot of some community activities APF has been involved in recently:
  • Discussions on Capitol Hill, Washington DC: The American Pakistan Foundation was invited to join leaders of the South Asian American Forum (SAAF) as they met with key members of Congress. APF was asked to provide input on effective solutions to development issues in Pakistan and suggestions on engaging the Pakistani-American diaspora in this regard.  
  • USAID Ramadan Iftar, Washington DC: CEO Awais Khan was invited to join USAID Administrator Dr. Raj Shah at an Iftar to celebrate Ramadan. The Iftar was attended by a broad cross-section of the diplomatic and development community.


Community News  

  • Abdul Sattar Edhi has been highlighted as "Pakistan's only true living hero", by journalist Pamela Constable in the Washington Post. The article is an excerpt from her new book on Pakistan, "Playing With Fire: Pakistan at War With ItseThe Rockefeller Foundation Innovation Forum:  Dr. Sania Nishtar Accepts Innovation Awardlf".  
  • 24-year old Pakistani American Moin Khan is driving across the world with A Different Agenda: to promote a positive image of Pakistan.  

Sector News

  • The US State Department has confirmed that it is funding dams in Pakistan to support vital hydro-electric infrastructure development in the country.   
  • Japan International Cooperation Agency has provided a $65m loan in partnership with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, to fund polio eradication efforts in Pakistan.

August 31, 2011


Paved neighborhood in Saidu Sharif 

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Spotlight on Giving
Meet a Beneficiary


Spotlight on Giving   

There are a number of credible organizations that are working effectively to improve and uplift the social and economic condition of the people of Pakistan.


On an ongoing basis, we would like to highlight the great work being done by such organizations. We are pleased to share Heartfile with you in this month's edition.


Heartfile logo

Founded by Dr. Sania Nishtar, Heartfile is a non-governmental organization focused on catalyzing change within the health system in order to improve health and social outcomes.


Dr. Sania Nishtar is an eminent global health expert, a member of the World Economic Forum, and is one of four people (including former President Bill Clinton), who recently received an award at the Rockefeller Foundation Global Innovation Forum.

Heartfile has pioneered an innovative health financing solution for the underprivileged, connecting patients and local health workers with funding sources and has been widely acclaimed for the ingenuity of its design and use of technology. 


While donors may give to a general pool, they are also empowered to decide which type of beneficiary to support by registering their pledge on Heartfile's website. Donors can track their donations via a transparent mechanism and funds donated have an immediate impact as they can even support a patient who may be hospitalized at the time of giving.    


The American Pakistan Foundation is now accepting donations on behalf of Heartfile. 100% of the funds go directly to Heartfile! 


If you would like to support Heartfile's health financing for the poor,  you can donate through APF. Please don't forget to write "HEARTFILE" in the comments section at the end.

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Meet a Beneficiary


Rehabilitating a School  

for Girls


Sadaf_Sakahani school


Sadaf (center, above) is a 7-year old girl living in a village in Jhal Magsi that was devastated by the 2010 floods. Her family was forced to leave their home and upon returning, found their home destroyed and village infrastructure severely impacted.


The Government Girls Middle School in Sakhani was also badly damaged. APF's partner Save the Children assessed the school and immediately implemented a repair plan which included reconstruction and electrification of the school building, restoration of water and sanitation facilities, and construction of a pedestrian bridge over a nearby water channel. Save the Children also provided office supplies, school bags, reading material, and launched teacher training and a Back-to-School campaign with the help of the Parent Teachers School Management Committee.


Sadaf's parents were initially unwilling to enroll her in school. Save the Children's local team met with Sadaf's father to explain the importance of educating girls and updated him on how the school and surrounding infrastructure had been repaired, and convinced him to send her to school.


"I always wanted to join my sister and go to school but crossing the water course used to scare me," said Sadaf. "After the construction, my father enrolled me in Kachi (Nursery) and now I can easily get to the school by using the bridge".


To read Sadaf's full story

click here


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