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March, 2012



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Green Moray Moray, Cozumel
Here's Lookin' At You, Kid

Green Moray, photo by Paul Mila, Cozumel Mexico

Paul & the Pelican
Paul & Pelican Buddy, in Cozumel

Welcome to the March issue of Sea-gram, the monthly newsletter from 

Sorry, this issue is a little late. I started writing in Cozumel but did not finish until I returned to Long Island.
As you can see, I made a new friend. Every morning this brown pelican joined me on the pier after his fish breakfast. He kept me company while I was waiting for Alison  ( )
 to pick me up for our morning dives.
The headline photo, a large green moray eel, was taken on Paso del Cedral Reef. Check out the YouTube video of the eel checking us out during the dive:
Moray Eel in Cozumel Checks Out Divers

Moray Eel in Cozumel

Checks Out Divers

We changed the format for this month only, to show you all the interesting photos & adventures we had in Cozumel.
Next month we'll resume the Story Behind The Photo and Conservation Corner sections.
If you have a good photo and interesting story, let me know at and I'll include your story in a future issue. 
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I hope you enjoy Sea-gram !
 Paul J. Mila
 A Typical Cozumel Adventure . . . 
                Photos by Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY 
This hawksbill turtle hung with us for quite a while on Palancar Horseshoe, giving us nice photo-ops.  
Hawksbill Rising
 Paul Mila photo
This turtle was super-relaxed too! Check out this YouTube video and watch him serenely cruise along with us.
Hawksbill turtle cruises along with divers in Cozumel Mexico
Hawksbill turtle cruises along with divers in Cozumel Mexico

Dive buddy Fulvio tried to tickle this giant lobster, almost half as big as he was, on Palancar Caves! Strong currents stirred up the sand, white specks in the photo.
Fulvio & Lobster
Paul Mila photo
Have you ever seen two crabs in love?
I never did either, but Alison spotted this amorous couple, one on top of the other, just doin' it!
Crabs in Love
Paul Mila photo


Curious barracudas were always watching us.
Cuda on the reef 
Paul Mila photo
What do flying fish do when not flying? I guess they chill on the bottom, like this flying gunard. Looks somewhat like the sea robins we see in Long Island.
 Flying Gunard
Paul Mila photo
We enjoyed the beauty of Cozumel's reefs.
Here, a pink vase sponge nestles between yellow tube sponges. Palancar Gardens.
 VAse & Tube Sponges
Paul Mila photo
Photo Information:
All photos and videos taken with SeaLife 1000,
using wide angle lens.
Lighting: strobe for still-photos; videos taken using natural light in Sea Mode, set for blue water, deep.

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Thanks for visiting; we'll see you next month!
Paul J. Mila 
 Paul in Cozumel
75 Titus Avenue
Carle Place, New York 11514


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Cozumel Adventure
Featured Article:
 Cozumel Adventure. Photos & stories from diving Cozumel.

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Updates & Miscellaneous Features

 Dolphin Rescue
Sea-gram readers Terry Gallogly and Tony D'Alesandro both sent in this incredible video from Brazil.
Watch as a dolphin pod approaches the beach, strands, and then onlookers rush to their rescue, pulling the dolphins out to deeper water:
Watching this video I could not help but marvel at how differently a civilized society treats dolphins, as opposed to the Japanese butchers in the village of Taiji.
Click this link to view images:
* * * * * * * *
Speaking of Dolphins,
Sea-gram reader Jim Colligan took this photo in Long Island's, West Neck Bay.
Here is Jim's story:
Dolphin in West Neck Bay
Dolphin are often seen by fishermen on eastern Long Island during the summer months, especially near the Montauk area.
People that have lived near West Neck Bay have never seen a dolphin inside the bay itself.
A pod of dolphin had been seen around the North Ferry (between Greenport and Shelter Island, NY) earlier in the week.
This dolphin was alone and had traveled around Shell Beach on the south side of the island and swam approximately 1 1/2 miles through West Neck Harbor, then up West Neck Creek, into the bay. It had got itself into a very shallow area in an inlet and got cut off from the bay during low tide. People gathered on the shore as the dolphin swam in an oval pattern about 50 yards long and 20 yards deep. Since it was in swallow water, about 4 feet deep, it surfaced every 15-20 seconds, blowing air and spraying water above its head.
The Marine Research and Rescue Foundation truck arrived around 11 AM and three well trained rescuers spent the next 6 1/2 hours observing the behavior of the dolphin.  Although the SI Police came with a rescue boat, there was no attempt to rescue the mammal. The dolphin appeared to be in good shape and may have been lured into the creek and bay because of a readily available food supply. As of 6 PM, the dolphin had escaped from the shallower waters in the inlet (around 4 PM) but was still inside of the much larger body of water known as West Neck Bay.


* * * * * * *

Want to Swim With Whales?
  Playing with a humpback
Paul Mila Photo, Tonga


Nature photographer Douglas Hoffman has a trip going to Tonga, South Pacific, in September.
Contact Douglas at:


Or visit his website:
Check out the details:
Sept 21-29 2012 are dates the 54 foot catamaran Wildlife is scheduled to take a small group from the Ha'apai islands to the Vavau' islands of Tonga.

We are looking for 2-4 people to join this adventure dedicated to sailing and snorkeling with whales. The locations we will visit include three remote locations to far out to be visited by other operators.
Price has dropped to $575 AUD day per person, down from $660 AUD, so the total for the 9 days is $5,175 AUD per person.

* * * * * * * * *
 Sea Shepherd Declares Victory  
Click this link to the latest update concerning Sea Shepherd's latest battle with Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary:

* * * * * * * * *


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