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June, 2011

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Stingray under sand

Is this a UFO (Underwater Flying Object), or a Southern Stingray?   Photo by Paul Mila, Antigua

Alison, Queen of Cozumel

Paul diving with Alison, "Queen" of Cozumel

Welcome to the June issue of Sea-gram, the monthly newsletter for ocean lovers, divers, and "deep-thinkers," from 

Hope all you Diving Dads had a great FATHER'S DAY!
In this issue's Story Behind The Photo, read about author and diver Michael Ganas' encounter with a "smiling" blue parrotfish in the Bahamas.
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Our Conservation Corner topic this month concerns two initiatives: Project Manta-Ray-of-Hope, to save manta rays and efforts to halt the rising trade in wild dolphins.
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 Paul J. Mila
Story Behind The Photo . . . 
           "Who Says Fish Can't Smile?"  
                        By Michael Ganas;  Vernon, NJ
Blue Parrotfish
Michael Ganas & Blue Parrotfish; Photographer Unknown
Fellow author & diver Michael Ganas was diving in the Bahamas when he encountered this Blue Parrotfish.
It's a unique shot because it shows the fish in its terminal phase of life, when the mouth has migrated from the front to the the underside.
Here is Michael's Story Behind The Photo:

"The photo was taken in 40 feet of water off Nassau in the Bahamas. The misses and I spent last week at Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort. Those Bahamians really have their act together over there!


"This Blue Parrotfish was definitely odd looking though very friendly. As far as details on the dive location and name of photographer, I'm sorry to say I was rather hung over during the dive and never got the photographer's name. Don't know the make and model of the digital camera he used other than it was encased in a rather expensive housing and looked highly sophisticated with all the attachments. Didn't even know a photographer was aboard until I noticed him taking photos of me.


"Don't know the dive location either, other than it was the second dive of the morning in 40 feet of water off Nassau, about three miles north of the Sandals Royal Bahamian. I'm just a wealth of information, aren't I? That's what happens when a normally confirmed and chronic teetotaler like me imbibes too much the night before.

"This 'smiling' parrotfish was an old-timer, getting ready for eternity in the great reef beyond."
* * * * * * * * *
NOTE: Michael is also an author. His award winning adventure novel, THE GIRL WHO RODE DOLPHINS is available from AuthorHouse, Amazon, and other online booksellers. For details about Michael's book, and ordering information click below:
Whether you are the photographer or the subject, to get as close to fish as Michael did in his photo, stop, relax and let the fish approach you. If you approach, do so very slowly; no rapid breathing and minimal bubble discharge; no fast swimming or flailing arms. Your goal: Be Like A Fish!
Conservation Corner . . .
Ray of Hope for Mantas . . .
             . . . . Dolphins In Distress
Sea-gram readers Martha Weisberg and Karen Sunde informed us about the latest threats to Manta Rays and Wild Dolphins.  Both topics are very important, so we included links to both stories.
With global shark populations largely exploited, shark fin and dried seafood traders are looking to push additional products to make up profits. The trade in manta/mobula gills, used in an "unofficial" traditional Chinese medicine tonic, is now on the rise in China.

Shark Savers has partnered with WildAid and a team of leading manta researchers on the Manta Ray of Hope project, the only concerted global effort working to save mantas and mobulas from this unsustainable trade.
Click on their project web site to view this informative manta ray video, and learn how we can help:



 * * * * * * * * *


The wild dolphin trade is increasing because resorts, such as Resorts World Sentosa, are seeking profitable attractions.
Click on the Avaaz website below, and learn how
you can add your name to the petition to end hunting and capturing wild dolphins: 


 Protecting Wild Dolphins



 Additional sites you can visit for more information:



 SPCA says 'NO' to dolphins in captivity:






The International Dolphin Dealers:




In Opposition to Dolphin Captivity:






About is your home for exciting dive adventure novels, available in both print and e-book formats, YouTube videos featuring ocean creatures encounters, and more.
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We'll be diving in Cozumel next month, so July's Sea-gram will include an update on lionfish eradication efforts in Cozumel and around the Caribbean.  

Thanks for visiting; we'll see you next month!
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 Paul in Cozumel
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In This Issue
The Story Behind The Photo: A diver's encounter with a Blue Parrotfish.
Conservation Corner: Ray of Hope; Dolphins In Distress

Featured Article in this month's Conservation Corner:

Ray of Hope for Mantas, and, Dolphins In Distress.

Diver and Giant Manta Ray
Diver Meets A Giant Manta Ray


Both articles highlight the threats to both of these increasingly endangered ocean creatures:

Manta ray gills are being used in Chinese medicinal tonics, and wild dolphins are being hunted and captured for resort exhibits.


According to the Avaaz conservation team, captivity is torture for wild dolphins. Their powerful sonar bounces off the walls back at them -- as if they are trapped in an endless house of mirrors. Many die young from stress-induced illness, and some even commit suicide.


Stories, lower-left column.



Quick Links
Updates & Miscellaneous Features

Sea Shepherd Update

The Sea Shepherds are currently plying the Mediterranean, searching for poachers illegally catching endangered bluefin tuna. 
Read about their latest adventure, battling angry Tunisian fishermen off the Barbary Coast, and more.
Don't forget to tune into the fourth season of Whale Wars, Friday nights at 9pm on Animal Planet, showing SeaShepherd's recent successful campaign against Japanese whalers in Antarctica. 
This Friday is episode #4 of ten.
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Speaking of Whales . . .
Paraplegic man leads whale rescue effort. Great story about a recent whale rescue in Florida.
If you don't mind enduring a 30 second commercial, this NBC News video clip is well worth watching:
* * * * * * * * *
 Injured by Shark, Mother Turtle Gets Help Laying Eggs


Sea-gram fan Lorraine Fico-White, sent us this amazing story about Clover, an injured leatherback sea turtle who gets human assistance preparing her nest every year:
Injured Sea Turtle Gets Help

Note: for any authors seeking editing and proof reading services, check out Lorraine's company:



 * * * * * * * *


Mom Sea Otter Teaches Baby to Swim

 I didn't know sea otters must learn how to swim, did you?

Sea-gram friendTony D'Alessandro sent us this fascinating video of a mother sea otter teaching her baby how to swim, dive, etc.


* * * * * * * * *

Off-Beat Humor Dept. 

Events of the last month have spawned some interesting  humor, such as this sign in Alaska:

Seal Humor


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