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March, 2011

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Christmas Tree Worms2

           Christmas Tree Worms Growing on Coral, macro photo by Paul Mila, Bonaire

John Hand

Bonaire Dive Buddies

John Hand & Paul Mila

Welcome to the March issue of Sea-gram, the monthly newsletter for ocean lovers, divers, and "deep-thinkers," from 

This month we were diving in Bonaire on a Scuba Network adventure.
Bonaire is famous for its easy diving, featuring numerous opportunities for macro photography such as the "Christmas tree worms" in the headline photo. 

While in Bonaire, we met up with Kamala Shadduck and her crew from Check out their Guest Link, bottom-right column.

Bonaire Sunset, John Hand Photo


In this issue's Story Behind The Photo, Lars Rothschild from Denmark shares a great lionfish photo he took diving in the Maldives.  


If you have a good photo with an interesting story, or would like to share a good dive yarn, let me know at and I'll be happy to include your story in a future issue. 
Our Conservation Corner topic this month Whales Win! celebrates Sea Shepherd's successful campaign, Operation No Compromise, which shut down Japanese whaling operations this year.  
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I hope you enjoy Sea-gram !
 Paul J. Mila
 Story Behind The Photo . . . 
       Lions In The Maldives             
               By Lars Rothschild, Hoersholm Denmark 
Spotfin Lionfish

Spotfin Lionfish, by Lars Rothschild 

This month, Denmark-based diver Lars Rothchild shares a great photo of a spotfin lionfish he took while diving in the Indian Ocean, where lionfish really belong.
Here is Lars' story:

"We were diving at the Haa Alifu Atoll, at the very north of the Maldives on 19 February 2011. The dive site was called Becky's Caves.
At a depth of 19 meters (about 60 feet) we saw this Spotfin Lionfish resting on a bed of colorful coral. The visibility was quite good at this depth, but very poor at the upper layers due to a huge amount of plankton and other particles, which was quite unusual for the season." 
Lars informed us that the water temp in Denmark is currently 35.6F. OUCH!
Equipment Details:
Camera: Panasonic Lumix DMC-TZ7 and an Ikelite AF35 external strobe.
Settings:  F/4 at 1/125th sec., ISO 100.
 Conservation Corner . . .
                 Whales Win!
                                     By Paul Mila, Carle Place, NY
Operation No Compromise a success!
Sea Shepherds turn back Japanese Whalers!
In an amazing turn of events, Neptune's Navy forced the Japanese whaling fleet to terminate its illegal whaling operations and withdraw from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, at least for the remainder of this year.
No sooner were the whalers slinking back to port than the Japanese media machine began churning out propaganda, hoping to influence foreign governments to brand the Sea Shepherds international outlaws and curtail their activities before next year's whaling campaign.

Humpback Whale Photo, Paul Mila, Tonga Islands


Click the link below to read about this amazing victory:
 A word of thanks from Sea Shepherd founder, Captain Paul Watson (video and amazing campaign photos):
Unfortunately, whales continue under attack world-wide. Sea-gram reader and Audubon Society member Joyce Bryk sent us this link from the National Resource Defense Council, about Iceland's efforts to slaughter endangered fin whales and minke whales:

About is your home for exciting dive adventure novels, YouTube videos featuring ocean creatures, and more.
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I plan to be at the author's booth this Sunday, March 27th, at the Beneath The Sea exposition in Secaucus NJ. Stop by for a chat.
If you like whales, visit the Cold Spring Harbor Library & Environmental Center on Sunday, April 3rd from 2-4 PM. I'll be presenting Close Encounters of a Gigantic Kind, From Montauk to Tonga, for the Sierra Club. Call 1-631-692-6820 for more information.
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 Paul in Cozumel

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In This Issue
The Story Behind The Photo: Lions In The Maldives.
Conservation Corner: WHALES WIN !

Featured Article in this month's  Conservation Corner: Whales Win!

Read the details about how Neptune's Navy forced the Japanese whaling fleet to retreat from the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary, saving the lives of hundreds of whales.


Unfortunately, the victory may be temporary, and other countries are stepping up whaling operations.

Stories lower-left column.

Quick Links
Updates & Miscellaneous Features

Japanese Tsunami

This is an amazing 6-minute first-person video of the recent Japanese Tsunami hitting the town of Kesennuma.
Watch full-screen, as a trickle of water becomes a raging torrent, washing away entire buildings:
* * * * * * * * *

Dive Mexico!

Mexico offers some of the most exciting and affordable diving anywhere in the world.

Sea-gram reader Lars Rothchild sent in this link featuring a beautiful promotional dive video about my favorite place, Cozumel. Click below:


Just across the channel from Cozumel lies Playa Del Carmen, part of the Mayan Riviera. A not very well known fact is that a population of bull sharks resides there part of the year, providing  exciting shark encounters with this most aggressive shark species.
Check out this video link sent in by my buddy Fulvio, a Cozumel resident and diver:


Another feature of Cozumel diving is a possible encounter with Cozumel's schooling eagle rays, who usually visit in winter.

 Schooling Eagle Rays

If all this doesn't make you pack your dive gear and head off to Margaritaville, check out this short video about the newly constructed artificial body-reef in the waters off Cancun:


             * * * * * * * * *

Strange But True 

Sea-gram reader Martha Weisberg sent in this story about recently found true albino Olive Ridley Sea Turtles. An amazing story featuring amazing photos. There's nothing "olive" about these little guys:

 Albino Sea Turtles

* * * * * * * *
Underwater Photo Festival
Sea-gram reader Martha Weisberg also sent in this update about a photo exhibit in Edinburgh Scotland, featuring the photos of wildlife photographer Steve Bloom.
Check out this link to the exhibit, and Steve's  incredible underwater images:
Into The Deep


FYI, one of Steve Bloom's dolphin photos graces the cover of my most recent novel, FIREWORKS:

* * * * * * * *
A fun divesite, where you can rent a beachfront condo, view great dive photos, and more!
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Jamie Pollack, Sea-gram reader and NY State Representative for the PEW Environmental Group, recently sent me a copy of Carl Safina's new book,
The View From Lazy Point.
 In her "spare time" Jamie is also Communications Coordinator for Blue Ocean Institute and a director for Shark Savers.

Carl Safina is an adjunct professor at Stony Brook University, and founding president of Blue Ocean Institute.

Carl's writing explores the scientific, moral, and social dimensions of our relationship with nature.

Adjectives that came to mind after reading The View From Lazy Point:
Provocative, Entertaining, Sobering, Hopeful, Fascinating.
Book-View From Lazy Point
"A superb work of environmental reportage and reflection" -- Kirkus Reviews
To read the story behind the book, and more about Carl's work, click:
* * * * * * * * *
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