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Not Marketing?
You're Losing Ground      


 "I didn't know you did that."

Brochures produced by Whisenhunt Communications If you're in business -- especially in a service industry like banking, real estate, insurance or law -- you should never hear these words, not from your acquaintances and never from close friends. Your success depends upon the people around you knowing what kind of work you do and the services you provide. You need to be their source for help when they need it.

Do you have a logo? A brochure?  Is your website up to date or do you even have one? Are you telling the world through press releases about new employees or products, accomplishments?
We can help.  Call Stan at (805) 659-1464 or Cindy at (805) 701-0882.

Print newsletters produced by Whisenhunt Communications Communications. Marketing. Public Relations. For our team at  Whisenhunt Communications, these terms mean the materials we create for our clients, the relationships we help forge between our clients and their consumers and the messages we help instill in our clients' business philosophy.

For our clients, these terms reflect the myriad
services we provide with the expertise and experience that comes from years of working with companies, government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

Marketing is about using the tools of communication to let the people around you -- your prospective customers and clients -- know what you can do for them. It's about selling yourself and your business.

Marketing comes in a variety of forms.

Websites produced by Whisenhunt Communications Some of the most cost-effective forms of marketing happen over the Internet through websites, email newsletters and social media.

Print and Internet marketing enable customers to read your message at their leisure. Developing a logo and issuing regular press releases and newsletters help your business to develop an identity. A known identity causes customers to seek you out when your services are in need.

eNewsletters produced by Whisenhunt Communications  Whisenhunt Communications' specialties include preparation and distribution of press releases, brochure development, websites, newsletters (print and electronic), social media outreach, video production and advertising design.

Our team includes journalists, photographers, public relations specialists, writers, editors, videographers, graphic artists and web designers.  We have helped clients in education, government agencies and districts, medicine, nonprofits, residential and commercial real estate, community groups and law.

Ads, etc. produced by Whisenhunt Communications From the local ballet school down the street to the largest public agency, our team of creative, professional and committed members will care for all of your communications needs with discretion, integrity and compassion.

Let us help you become known. Give us a call and we'll work with you to develop the tools that will help your business succeed in serving your customers. Call Stan at (805) 659-1464 or Cindy at (805) 701-0882.
Email Stan at Swhisenhun@aol.com. It's what we do best -- spread your message.
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Refer a New Client and Enjoy a Meal
On Us


Do you know a business that needs an updated brochure? Website redesign? Or how about a company or nonprofit that wants to send a monthly e-newsletter like our News Flash?

This month we're doing something different at Whisenhunt Communications: We're offering a $50 gift card to the Olive Garden restaurant (one of our favorites) to any new clients or anyone who refers a new client to us through the month of September. The new client can be a business, individual, nonprofit organization, government agency or school; it doesn't matter as long as you refer the client and the client hires us to help with their public relations or marketing needs.

We are always happy to field questions and give rough estimates to potential new clients seeking our help promoting their business or in any area of the many services we provide, which we are spelling out clearly in this issue of our monthly newsletter, News Flash. We would like to entice you with a great lunch or dinner at Olive Garden to get you thinking of folks who could use our services.

If you know a business or possible client that is struggling to send out a press release, needs a brochure or wants to create a new website if they don't have one, please have them call or email us. Call Stan Whisenhunt at (805) 659-1464 or Cindy Daly at (805) 701-0882. Email Stan at Swhisenhun@aol.com. Then enjoy the hot artichoke and spinach appetizer at Olive Garden and the Toscana soup, among our personal favorites.  

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Founded in 1990, Whisenhunt Communications specializes in helping businesses, school districts, governmental agencies and nonprofit organizations reach targeted audiences.
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