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April  2010
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Rob Watson, Director of Camps and Conferences
It is time to dust off the trunk, pull out the bathing suits and shorts, and start getting ready for summer camp! I love this time of year when the ground and trees are showing dazzling new growth and the breezy air begins to turn warm. The promise of summer and play and fun lingers in all the sweet noise of the birds as they sing their spring songs of joy.

Getting ready for summer can be challenging; but the anticipation of singing in the chapel, hiking in the mountains and roasting marshmallows on the beach, outweighs and relieves the stress of preparation.  Every summer, new friends are made, old relationships and families are strengthened, and the joy of the Good News is shared amongst God's glorious creation. We are very blessed as a diocesan family to have so many wonderful opportunities to experience the love of God and a welcoming Christian community in beautiful settings.

We are extremely proud to announce that we have hired exceptionally high quality staff for all three of our programs - Camp Capers, Mustang Island and Duck Lake. They are all in place and have already begun making preparations to take loving care of you and your children this summer. Please read the rest of this issue to learn about the wonderful leadership at each site.

And, please, don't forget to go to and sign up for camp - now.

Elizabeth Allen, Camp Capers Staff Director

Elizabeth Allen

My name is Elizabeth Allen and I, like many of you, find myself wearing a number of hats.   I am a daughter, a sister, a friend, a lover of Jesus, a Vanderbilt graduate, a youth minister, a board member, a volunteer, and a missionary, to name a few.  Most recently, I have been blessed to don a new hat as the 2010 Camp Capers Staff Director.

    I have entered into the position whole-heartedly with intentionality.  For the first time in quite a while, the Camp Capers Summer Staff was selected by the beginning of February.   Our diverse staff has experience, fresh perspective, creative minds, and a deep love for Jesus.  We met as a Program Staff for relationship building and summer planning in late February and again in late April.  There is no doubt in my mind that summer 2010 is going to be incredible.

For the rest of Elizabeth's article, click here.

Kim Rogers, Camp Capers Session Staff Director

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My name is Kim Rogers, and I've been attending Camp Capers since I was in third grade. I loved everything about it, especially my counselors. They were so fun, so energetic and to top it off, they made it cool to love Jesus! I remember thinking that I wanted to apply to be on session staff the first moment I could because I wanted to be just like them. Now, after having the honor of serving on session staff countless times, living in Cabin 12 for half of the summer of 2008 and helping campers and counselors alike tie dye about a thousand t-shirts while I was Arts and Crafts Director last summer, I am thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as the Session Staff Coordinator for the summer of 2010. "Session staff" refers to the volunteers who serve as the second counselor in each cabin - working with the paid, college-aged summer staff counselors. The role of Session Staff Coordinator was added last summer with the intention of putting more focus on and giving support to the vital role that session staff counselors play in the life of camp.
To me, session staff plays an important part in keeping up the energy and morale of the summer staff as they bring a new excitement each week that breathes new life into the community. More importantly, the session staff will be the summer counselors, work crew, program staff and staff directors of the future. Their time at camp should be looked at as an investment into not only their personal growth as leaders and into the lives of the campers, but as an investment into the future of Camp Capers. For the rest of Kim's article, click here.
Mark Sharrow, Mustang Island Staff Director

Mark Sharrow Having worked for the Diocese of West Texas for the last two summers through Camps and Conferences, I feel very blessed that God has once again opened the door for me to serve a third summer at Mustang Island Family Camp. I first spent time at the Mustang Island Conference Center several years ago when my family attended a session of family camp. I eventually returned as a staff member in 2008, served as Camp Director in 2009, and will return in the same position this year. 
I earned my Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Texas A&M University-Kingsville last year and plan a career in teaching and coaching.  I grew up spending most of my summers at camps and involved in other youth activities and eventually felt a call to work with youth.  I love sports and being outdoors, so I feel right at home on Mustang Island.  I wake up every morning during camp and help families enjoy each other.  We set up the beach with chairs and umbrellas, take surf boards down, help families surf, and just provide a safe place for families to enjoy their time together.  It is a beautiful thing to see families interact the way God intended. 
For the rest of Mark's article, click here.
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Elizabeth Allen, CC Staff Director
Kim Rogers, CC Session Staff Director
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Jody Stickle, Duck Lake Camp Guide
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Jody Stickle, Duck Lake Camp Guide
Jodi My name is Jody, and I will be serving as the Adventure Guide at Duck Lake in Colorado this summer.   My biggest loves in life are God, people, and the great outdoors.   During most of the year I work as a school-based counselor at a high school that serves students with learning differences.   The school schedule allows me wonderful breaks during the year which provide me with many opportunities to pursue a variety of outdoor adventures.   Among a few of my favorites are hiking, backpacking, canoeing, and kayaking. I'm also an avid traveler. So, when I am not working with students during the school day, you can usually find me traveling somewhere outside of Nashville playing on what I consider the giant playground God made for us; the world. 

For the rest of Jody's article, click here.