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Highlights at a Glance:
  • YART Sale Next Sunday
  • Cider House Rules a success
  • Gateways Art Show a fundraising success, along with inspiring Journal Exchange
  • Visual Arts Department welcomes three new studio artists
  • Artists' Exchange Welcomes Development Intern
artists' exchange highlights
june 2010
Alison and hand
YART Sale Next Sunday!
Donations still wanted!

Thank you to everyone who has donated so far. We can STILL USE more donations! The more YOU donate, the more money WE raise and the CLOSER we get to PURCHASING A NEW HOME FOR GATEWAYS.

Artists' Exchange staff will be tagging all items on Thursday, June 10th, so we will continue to accept donations until that day.

And of course, don't miss the event:

yart saleSunday, June 13th
Rain Date Sunday, June 20th
8am - 2pm
Artists' Exchange
  • Yard Sale Vendors
  • Artisan Vendors
  • Re-Use Workshops
  • Upcycled Art Showcase
  • Food & Drink
Mark your calendars for a fun-filled day celebrating the art of re-use.
The Cider House Rules:
A Testament to Talent & Dedication

KaylaPerhaps the Black Box Theatre's weightiest show yet, The Cider House Rules was ultimately very well-received by audiences and critics alike.

Carol Schwebel, theater buff and owner of Ruth's Lingerie on Rolfe Square, said she felt the show far surpassed Trinity's production from a few years back.

Walter Fay, Catherine's dad, felt it was the best show the Black Box has ever staged.

The response from audiences was overwhelmingly positive. They were deeply moved by the story and the strong performances that brought it to life.

Congratulations to Rich and The Cider House Rules cast of 63 talented and dedicated actors, including Black Box Players Bob Macaux, Catherine Fay, Erika
Gardner, Ken Benoit, Derek Montecalvo, Chris White, David Smith and Greg Smith as well as Tom Chace, Sandra Barrett and Mark Carter, and Black Box's young actors Alex Rotella, Kayla Quirk, Ailey Wilder and Aubrey Olstead.

Thank you to everyone who came out to see the show.

Don't miss out on the next Black Box Theatre production: a One Act Play Festival coming in August...

Cider House Scene 2

Cider House scene 1

Cider House Scene 3

Gateways Art Show Raised $600!
An inspiring evening for everyone involved

Bob and Janice MacauxShannon would like to highlight that after all expenses, which were minimal due to a number of donations of frames, the Gateways Art Show raised just over $600.

Jamie, the Met School intern who put the show together, did an outstanding job while learning the entire process of framing as well as curating and planning a gallery show.
Artists and Buyer
There was tremendous attendance at the event; thank you to everyone who came, particularly to those who purchased art!

The evening also included a meeting of the Journal Exchange participants who met each other for the first time and completed their journal by creating a front cover for the journal, composed of a Sara and Gregphotograph of the two partners together, surrounded by decoupaged designs they created on the spot during the event.

Several of the Cranston East students participating in the project ended up purchasing artwork, in some cases works that were created by their journal partners.

This was a very special evening for everyone involved.

Journal Exchange Group

Thank you to Jamie for all his hard work... and humor (see below), and to Shannon for being such a great mentor to Jamie, and to Karen for initiating and creating such a meaningful exchange between our guys and their newfound friends.

Artists' Exchange Welcomes Summer Development Intern
Amanda Shuman is a graduate student at Boston University wrapping up a Master's Degree in Arts Administration.

She selected Artists' Exchange as an internship site to continue to build her skills in fundraising.

So far she has begun working under Christina's supervision on corporate sponsors for the 3rd annual Fall Out of Summer Arts Festival and will also be working on the Gateways to Change Capital Campaign to raise funds for a new building.

Amanda brings a lot of experience and enthusiasm to the table and we are happy to have her as part of the team.

Visual Arts Department Welcomes Three New Studio Artists
The former Windmill Studios space has been bartered to three new artists! In exchange for studio space to continue their work in ceramics, Adam (pictured top left), Karen (pictured bottom right) and Brian (pictured bottom left) will be working with day program artists, assisting in teaching skills in wheel throwing, handbuilding and in studio maintenance.


Brian, Karen and Adam are all
extremelBriany friendly and willing to help, and have already made a great addition to the team here at Artists' Exchange.