Hello All,

We were very happy to receive such positive feedback about our first edition of Artists' Exchange Highlights.

Here comes round two...

A small but significant step
Rich would like to highlight that Chris, a Black Box Player who comes to us from Spurwink, made a small but significant step in his daily routine. In his pre-rehearsal ritual of purchasing a Milky Way and Diet Coke, which he typically enjoys privately, Chris decided to join the group of actors who were assembling for rehearsal and engage in conversation instead.

We are proud of Chris for stepping out of his comfort zone and challenging himself to do something different.

Using humor to ride a stress wave
Shannon would like to highlight that Christian worked his way through his anxiety during a test of the fire alert system with laughter. The blaring sound tests, conducted monthly, understandably stimulate anxiety in some of our folks, but finding humor in the situation allowed Christian to regain control of his response.

The gold star goes to Juan for cuing Christian's laughter by modeling how to handle stress in an unconventional manner.

Park Theatre secured for Christmas Carol 2010
Elaine would like to highlight that the Park Theatre is officially secured for our 2010 production of "A Christmas Carol." Elaine convinced the manager to grandfather us in at the same rental rate, successfully dodging an increase that would have forced us to hike up ticket prices. Way to go, Elaine!

Read on for more highlights... Enjoy!


artists' exchange highlights
march 23. 2010
Highlights at a Glance:
  • Met School Interns to host gallery show April 16th and dance April 30th
  • Artists' Exchange welcomes Zack
  • Liz Torres sells self-portrait to benefit women's art organization
  • City Year students lend a hand with spring cleaning
  • Artists' Exchange Street Revitalization Project Entered Into National Architecture Competition
  • Successful Pairings Make Art Journal Exchange Truly Worthwhile
Two Upcoming Events You Won't Want to Miss!
Met School Interns Gigi and Maranda have planned two fun-filled fundraisers to benefit Artists' Exchange

EricaBeautiful Faces
Friday, April 16th

Dinner 6-7pm  $10
Gallery Show 7-8pm  Free

A gallery show showcasing portraits of fifteen clients Gigi selected to participate in this project, which combines her interest in photography and the friendships she has formed with our guys.  Join us for dinner with the portrait subjects and their families, or just come by to check out the show.

To RSVP for dinner, call or email Christina by Friday, April 9th.
401.490.9475 or christina.mealey@artists-exchange.org

A Royal Engagement
Friday, April 30th

Maranda has planned this wonderful event, and hopes to sprinkle
a little magic into a special evening planned for the guys.
The theme is "Fairytales."

$2 Admission includes
Light Refreshments and Dancing

Dress is semi-formal.

To RSVP, call or email Jenny.

Artists' Exchange Welcomes Zack
Zack is new to our program, and has been warmly welcomed by our crew. He is settling in nicely in theater and art classes and we all look forward to getting to know him better.

Zack and Friends

Liz Torres sells portrait to benefit local women's organization

In Your Face Projo PieceArtists' Exchange female artists participated in a gallery show entitled "In Your Face," a showcase of female self-portraits.

The portraits were donated to support the work of The Hive, an organization whose mission is "to promote gender equality by dismantling obstacles that limit women and girls in reaching their full creative potential."

Congratulations to Liz, whose portrait was purchased by the organization's Executive Director, who "loves it and will be hanging it in her living room."

Liz's portrait is pictured bottom left:
In Your Face Portrait Wall
yART Sale... the date is set!

Artists' Exchange will host a yART sale on Sunday, June 13th. More details to come very soon...
City Year Students Lend a Hand with Spring Cleaning...

City Year 1On a recent Saturday, a herd of City Year students came to Artists' Exchange to volunteer their time. The task at hand was to scrub the floor of the boutique and cafe, restoring the tiles to their one-time glory, and to move a kiln.

The team was friendly and hard-working, and learned about the impact a group can make with a little elbow grease.

Artists' Exchange provides a safe and fun place for many local youth to contribute volunteer hours for school or for personal enrichment.

City Year 2
Artists' Exchange Street Revitalization Project Entered Into National Architecture Competition!
The RISD students who redesigned six storefronts on Rolfe Square in a revitalization project initiated by Artists' Exchange have entered their designs for consideration for a national award in architecture.

An excerpt from their entry for the NCARB (National Council of Architectural Registration Boards) Prize can be seen below.

RISD Window Project
Art Journal Exchange Continues...

Karen wanted to highlight that everyone participating in the journal exchange is truly engaged in the project, and looks forward to writing and receiving entries. After the high school students completed their first entry, the task was left up to the clients to choose the artist with whom they felt they would connect best. The pairings have been working out really well.

"I love having a pen pal... it's fun. The best part is the anticipation of meeting them."  -Amanda