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Raindrop Therapy
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I have had such positive responses to the Raindrop Therapy that I have decided to continue the "Raindrop Therapy" Special for those who haven't had a chance to try it.  For first timers, recieve 10% Off any Raindrop Package!  For those who wish to continue with Raindrop, I am offering a Series of Three Sessions at $15% off.  Please read on for details. 
reflexologyRaindrop & Reflexology. the most popular! 
 Raindrop & Reflexology seems to be the most popular of all the packages.  This session includes 30 minutes of Foot Reflexology and 1-hr of Raindrop Therapy. Raindrop Therapy uses 9 pure essential oils such as oregano, basil, thyme, cypress, marjoram, peppermint, wintergreen, and two essential blends.  These oils are dropped like raindrops onto the back, down and along the spine.  Light feather strokes along with circular movements are used to blend the oils.  Moist heat is applied for 10-15 minutes.  A relaxing leg massage is applied during this time.  The session ends with a neck, back and shoulder massage leaving you feeling completely stress free and relaxed! 
90 minutes total time
Regular price $150
10% off first time clients
3 session package $382.50  $67.50 Savings!
Package paid in full at first visit and used within 3 months
(sales tax additional)
Aromatherapy Complete! 
This package includes a one-hour Aromatherapy massage and one-hour of Raindrop Therapy.  Only the finest pure essential oils are used from Young Living Products!  Choose your aromatherapy scent.  Do you prefer more of a sport blend such as wintergreen, peppermint and clove or a more tranquil blend such as lavender, cedarwood and chamomile.  The session begins with the client face up with a relaxing therapeutic massage on the arms,hands, legs, feet, face, scalp, neck and shoulders.  The client turns over and Raindrop Therapy begins on the back.  Nine pure essential oils are massaged along the spine, moist heat is applied, and a relaxing massage continues on the back of the legs.  This package ends with an all over neck , back and shoulder massage.   This treatment is the ultimate in relaxation!
2 Hours total time 
Regular Price $195 
10% Off for first time
3 Session Package $497.25  $87.75 Savings!
(package prepaid ,must be used within a 3 month period, sales tax additional)
A Taste of Heaven
This package includes a massage facial of your choice, anti-aging hand treatment, and Raindrop Therapy. 
2.5 hours total time
Regular price $235
10% Off for first time   
3 session package $599.25  $105.75 Savings!
(package is prepaid in full, sessions used within 3 months, sales tax additional)
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Here's what clients have to say:
......When Kim introduced the "Raindrop Therapy" I couldn't wait to try it! It was so relaxing and my skin felt so soft afterwards......  
Cindy from Milford, NJ
 I gave my wife a gift certificate for Kim's "Raindrop Therapy" and she loved it. She said that Kim's Raindrop Therapy might be the best treatment she's ever had in the area of Reiki, Shiatsu and massage generally.  We'll be back! 
Reid from Flemington, NJ

10-15% Off 


 Try it for the First Time
Continue on with 3 Session Package 


Promotion Guidelines:  
First session of 3 session package must be used by Oct 1, 2009
First time session offer ends Oct 1, 2009
No extensions, this is final offer for Raindrop Therapy