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Welcome to: Holistic Happenings

Welcome to the third edition of "Holistic Happenings".  This issue is dedicated to all the men in our lives.  So guys, this is "All About You".  Skincare, Massage Therapy, Ear Candling, Golf Outings, and Best of all, a Fathers Day Special just for you.
Ear Candling.....worth hearing about ear
 Do you suffer from sinus problems, earache, swimmers ear, chronic headaches, allergies or hearing dfficulties?  Have you tried Ear Candling? It's Safe, Relaxing, and Very Effective!  Candling has been around for centuries. Originally used for cerimonial purposes with the Egyptians, today ear candling is used to cleanse the ear of excessive ear wax and fluid.  Don't worry though, it's really not a candle. It's simply muslin cloth rolled up and coated with a parrafin wax. The process begins with a sinus drainage massage using accupreasure, craniosacral therapy and light massage.  Next the client turns on one side, one end of the candle is lit and the opposite end is placed gently into the ear, just enough to close off any air.  By doing this, a vacuum effect is created and the impurities from the ear are pulled up into the candle.  Two candles per ear, each candle burning for about 12 minutes each.  The entire session is about one hour. Add a 30 minute neck, back & shoulder massage for an added treat! (Additional charge)
Skincare for Men...... No More Soap!nutrimen
 Good skincare is not just for women.  However, men have different skincare needs then women. Finding a unique formula for men is important. Let's keep it simple and convenient! The biggest issues are protecting your skin from the elements and the issues that come with shaving.  The key to a good clean shave is starting with a clean canvas.  Begin with a face wash which also has an exfoliator in it.  This will remove dead skin and lift the hairs for better shaving results.  The next step is using the proper shaving Gel.  One that will minimize irritation,increase glide, which will inturn reduce razor burn and bumps.  The third step is important.  A cool revitalizing toner which leaves your skin feeling clean and refreshed.  This will also close the pores to protet the skin from outside pollutants.  The final step is optional but reccomended.  A moisturizer containing a sunscreen with SPF8. This will nourish the skin and protect it from the damaging rays of the sun.  Four easy steps!  Try Arbonne NutrimenC RE9 Skincare.  Visit to order.
Issue: 3
Upcoming Golf Events!
June 1st- Anderson House Golf Outing at Stanton Ridge
 Marge Redfern
June 8th- A.L.S. Research Fund- Barbara Bowen Memorial Golf Outing at Stanton Ridge
Therapeutic Touch by Kim is a sponsor of both outings, offering complimentary chair massage to the golfers and silent auction donation.  Please join us for these worth while events.
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Deep Relief
Deep Relief

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Discover the portable, no mess roll-on application of Young Living essential oils. 
Deep Reief is an exclusive blend of peppermint, copaiba, helichrysum, Palo Santo, and other Young Living oils that combine to relieve muscle soreness and tension. Great for knee pain, tendinitis, neck pain or anywhere you feel achy muscles or joints.  Just roll it on and feel the relief in minutes.  Roll-ons also available in Valor, Breathe Again, & Tranquil.
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