At the dedication

Center Park Dedication

June 30, 2007


Tim Hult, Chairman of Carlisle's Board of Selectmen  presented a copy of 1001 Gardens You Must  See . . . (in your lifetime), and suggested that the publishers add 'Garden 1002' :


1002 The Carlisle Center Park  

Located in the quaint New England village of Carlisle, Massachusetts, you will find this splendid little oasis of calm and tranquility.  


Nestled among the historic colonial homes and classic churches of Carlisle Center, this is a beautiful little public place graced with a wonderful array of native flowers and plants.  


You can sit for a peaceful respite on commemorative granite benches and feel the profound presence of a truly historic small town, a town that continues to maintain to this day a wonderful sense of small town community.


This outstanding public place would not exist without the vision and persistent hard work of Sabrina Perry who was the force and spirit that made this park possible.   


1001 Gardens