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Our Annual Membership Meeting
will be held during the conference.
Come to learn and be heard; help us build Lifestyle Medicine together.
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Spotlight: James Rippe, MD
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Members in the News: Dr. Ed James
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Welcome New Members
in alphabetical order:

Mark Berman, MD 
Director, Medical Program, 
Keas Inc.   

San Francisco, CA

Susan Blum, MD, MPH  

Medical Director, Blum Center for Health

Rye Brook, NY 

Terry    Dunlop    MS  
Doctoral Student, Doctor of Behavioral Health Program, Arizona State University
Minden, NE

Lyudmila Edshteyn, DO 
Physiatrist, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Sparta, New Jersey


John Harrell, MD  

Physiatrist,  Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 

Houston, TX 


Jacqueline Kraus, MD, PhD
Neurologist, NeuroScience Institute
St Louis, MO

Jenny Lee, PhD, MPH, CHES  

Assistant Professor,

Behavioral and Community Health, University of North Texas Health Science Center

Fort Worth, TX

Andree Leroy, MD    

Staff Physiatrist, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

Boston, MA

Sharon Montes, MD     
Urgent Care Provider, Poudre Valley Hospital System
Loveland, CO

Toyosi Morgan, MD, MPH, MBA    
Assistant Professor 
Emory University,
Family and Preventive Medicine

Atlanta, GA

Edward O'Dell,   DC, DO 
Internist and Chiropractor, MedCenter 100

Exton, PA

Gregory Saunders, MD, MPH  
General Surgery Practice 

Coquille Valley Hospital

Coquille, OR


David Schmidt,    DC, FNP 

Chiropractor and Family Nurse Practitioner, Thrive Integrative Healthcare

Irving, TX

Jeffrey Schrager, MD  

Staff Hematopathologist, Integrated Oncology

New York, NY


Jan Shaw, MS      

Exercise Physiologist , The Balance Institute

West Columbia, SC


Melinda Skau, MD
Family Medicine, Feather River Tribal Health

Oroville, CA 

Shawn Talbott, PhD 
Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist

SupplementWatch, Inc.

Draper, UT

Henry Villegas, MD    

Founder, CEO & Medical Director, GreenLagoon WellnessMD Institute

Fort Myers, Florida

Tiffany Vock, DO
Family & Preventive Medicine Resident, California Family Medicine     

Redlands, CA

Event Calendar


Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition
21 September

Portland, Oregon


Lifestyle Medicine 2012

30 September - 2 October  

Practice Management  

3 October

Denver, Colorado   


Active Lives

Nov 9-10

Waltham, MA 


Medical Fitness Association 21st Annual Conference

Nov 28-Dec1

New Orleans  

Lifestyle Medicine in Action
  September 2012 
President's Desk
Liana Lianov, MD, MPH


This fall ACLM embarks on a number of important events and tasks.

The Clinical Conference (on September 30 through October 2) and the Practice Management Workshop (on October 3) in Colorado offer opportunities to learn from and engage with leaders in the field, as well as your colleagues forging ahead in this field. Dean Ornish, well-known researcher and best selling author, Gary Egger, author of the most recent lifestyle medicine textbook, James Rippe, editor of the American Journal of Lifestyle Medicine, and Ed Noffsinger, father of the billable group visit model are just a few of the experts who will provide us the latest research and practice guidance. Please refer to the speaker page for a complete list,

Just prior to these conferences, the ACLM Board will meet to draft a new ACLM strategic plan. Work on this important deliberation has already begun and will continue later in the year with the release of the draft for your input. Key questions will be tackled. For example how should ACLM craft its definition of lifestyle medicine in order to clearly distinguish our unique mission from other organizations and companies that also use the term? What is the appropriate mission and vision for ACLM in the context of a changing health care environment and fast-breaking technologies? What objectives can be achieved in the next year and which ones will need to be deferred to a long term plan?     


excerpt: Another landmark project that ACLM has begun with the leadership of Dr. Jennifer Rooke is the drafting of lifestyle medicine standards. A committee has been diligently researching the literature and developing a brief document that will outline ACLM recommendations on the practice of lifestyle medicine.


Read complete article at

Both the Strategic Plan and the Lifestyle Medicine Standards will be topics of discussion for members. Please come to the conference and help us build ACLM. 
Spotlight: James M. Rippe, MD

Pioneer in Lifestyle Medicine

"I've often thought that people are too shy when they come to the doctor. They don't say: "Here's what I would like to do." I don't know why that is. Doctors are human beings too! Why don't people say: 'How should I start a walking program?', or 'I'd like to lose 15 or 20 pounds; what do you think?'
Doctors love having those kinds of conversations."
      from Dr. Rippe's video presentation: Can I Reverse Years of Neglect? on WebMD

Dr. Rippe clearly loves having those kinds of conversations. He looks directly into the camera, and his upbeat energy is infectious; just the kind of powerful enthusiasm needed to start a whole new movement in medicine.


James Rippe graduated from Harvard College (cum laude) and Harvard Medical School (also cum laude) and had his post graduate training at Massachusetts General Hospital. Early in his career as an academic cardiologist, he began to feel unfulfilled by traditional methods and wished to contribute something unique to the field. Frustrated that patients failed to regain healthy lives through standard treatment, what started to resonate with Dr. Rippe was how greatly lifestyle habits were contributing to the health of his patients.

As he became increasingly interested in the relationship between health habits and cardiovascular disease, he noted that every academic field had a large textbook, but there were no scholarly textbooks on the relevance of lifestyle to health. This crucial observation inspired Dr. Rippe to create not only a ground-breaking textbook, but a new movement in medical practice and research: Lifestyle Medicine.

In the preface to the upcoming 2nd edition, Dr. Rippe writes:

"I was proud to serve as the editor of the first edition of Lifestyle Medicine which was published in 1999. With this initial comprehensive volume, we coined the term "lifestyle medicine," summarized key findings across multiple disciplines as they existed in the late 1990's and launched a new emphasis in medicine related to the links between daily behaviors and outcomes. Subsequently, the field of lifestyle medicine has grown dramatically and significantly matured."


Lifestyle Medicine Textbook
Discount for ACLM Members


CRC Press has offered ACLM members a 20% discount
on the purchase of Dr. Rippe's upcoming book,  

Lifestyle Medicine (second edition).

The retail price is $149.95. The price with the 20% discount will be $119.95.


ACLM Members: to order the discounted textbook, log in to ACLM's website and go to the members-only section to locate the discount code.  

CME Opportunities
James Rippe, MD is one of the Leaders
in Lifestyle Medicine to be featured
at our upcoming conference.
You can't afford to miss this opportunity!

Doctor w carrotsACLM's Annual Conference
September 30 - October 2, 2012

Practice Management Workshop
October 3, 2012

Inverness Hotel & Conference 
Center in Englewood, CO

CME, CEU, CEC Opportunity: image
Nov 28-Dec 1 2012
New Orleans

MFA is offering a special discount to ACLM members: Use this form to register at the ACLM member price. 
Harvard Medical School presents...

Tools for Promoting Healthy Change
Transforming Ourselves and Our Patients

November 9-10, 2012
The Conference Center at Waltham Woods, Waltham, MA

 ACLM Members in the News 
Dr. Ed James was featured in the New York Times, Wednesday, September 12
He discusses his inspiration to start his own internet radio show, and offers advice to anyone interested in exploring this social media.

Employment Opportunities

Seeking: Nurse Practitioner or Physician versed in Integrative/Functional Medicine to join our growing practice.

Begin Your Dream Lifestyle Medicine Practice
Turnkey health and wellness facility in an affluent community in
Dallas, Texas is available for lease.

Want to place an Employment Opportunity?
Employment listings are free for ACLM members, and are also posted on our website. Others may post opportunities for a modest fee.
Sleepiness Hampers Job Performance
College Students Who Use Tanning Beds Often Burn
Sugary Sports Drinks Plentiful at U.S. Schools
Honey a Sweet Treatment for Kids' Night-Time Cough
'Exergames' Can Help Inactive Folks Get Moving
Calcium, Vitamin D Supplements May Pose Risks for Men With Prostate Cancer
Variety could boost veggie eating
Baby's Healthy Diet Feeds IQ
U.S. kids downing more diet drinks
'Yo-Yo' Dieting Won't Harm Long-Term Weight Loss Efforts
Kids Who Can Resist Sweets Might Be Slimmer as Adults

The following presented by Medpage Today (May require log-in)

Americans Step Up Their Walking
Early Team Play Keeps Kids' BMI in Check
Exercise Based in Daily Activities Cuts Falls
Grapefruit Juice Squeezes More from Cancer Tx
Qigong Eases Fibromyalgia Pain 
More Kids Say 'No' to Tobacco
Tai Chi Helps COPD Symptoms
Hot Cocoa May Boost Seniors' Brain Power
Inflammation Lower in Active Adults
Strong Food Laws Help Reduce Kids' BMI Gains
Cocoa Products May Help Fight Hypertension
Walnuts May Boost Semen Quality
Life with Cancer Improves with Exercise
Online Tracking Beats Paper for Weight Loss
Exercise Is Good for Women's Bones
Olive Oil May Protect Bones of Older Men
Midlife Fitness May Delay Chronic Disease
Stress Over Time Linked to Stroke

The following presented by National Institutes of Health

Meditation or Exercise May Help Acute Respiratory Infections 


The following presented by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Obesity and Food Insecurity at the Same Table: How Head Start Programs Respond 

Creating a Community Coalition to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Yakima County, Washington: Rev It Up! 2008 

The following presented by Berkeley Wellness Alerts

Health Benefits of Tai Chi 
Links to Opinion Articles, Practice Advice and Patient Handouts


The following presented by WebMD


The following presented by Mayo Clinic


The following presented by USDA

SuperTracker: My Foods. My Fitness. My Health. 

The following presented by Berkeley Wellness Alerts


ACPM Headlines
Here are some of the stories found in the recent issue of ACPM's newsletter:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has released updated data showing nearly 36 percent of American adults were obese and 17 percent of youth were obese in 2009 to 2010.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently reported that cigarette smoking has decreased, but use of tobacco in other forms (i.e., pipe tobacco, cigars, etc.) has increased.
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