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Spotlight: Collaborations on Lifestyle Medicine
Lifestyle Medicine 2012
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Welcome New Members
in alphabetical order:

Stephen  Bernstein, MD MPH FAAFP 
Family Practice, Aerospace/Preventive Medicine physician
Enterprise, Alabama

David   Bishop, MD
Physician, The Women's Clinic of Vancouver
Vancouver, Washington   

Jonathan  Bonnet, MD
Resident, Duke University, Family Medicine
Durham, North Carolina

Sandra  Darling, DO
Osteopathic Resident,  O'Bleness Hospital, Family Medicine 
Athens, Ohio 

Jane  Denay, RN, CFNP, MSN
Nurse Practitioner, Harbor Arthritis Center

Petoskey, Michigan

Samina  Khwaja, MD
Physician, Training as a Wellness Coach  
Irvine, California

Mary  Larson, PhD, MPH, LRD
Registered Dietitian, Family HealthCare Center
Fargo, North Dakota

Carrie  Moss, MD
Medical Director of Reneau Medical
Williamsburg Virginia     

Carol  Penfield, R.N., MS, NPc
Program Director, Nurse Practitioner, Chatham Health and Swim Club, Chatham, Massachusetts
Cora  Spaulding, MD, MPH
Staff Physician, Alaska Family Medicine
Anchorage, Alaska  
Event Calendar


Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition
21 September

Portland, Oregon


Lifestyle Medicine 2012

30 September - 2 October  

Practice Management  

3 October

Denver, Colorado   


Active Lives

Nov 9-10

Waltham, MA 


Medical Fitness Association 21st Annual Conference

Nov 28-Dec1

New Orleans  

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New online CME
From Harvard's Institute of Lifestyle Medicine

Lifestyle Medicine: Acute Low Back Pain

Lifestyle Medicine in Action
  August 2012 
President's Desk
Liana Lianov, MD, MPH


Lifestyle Medicine Connections  

Across the Globe


As we grow and promote our lifestyle medicine community here in the US, several other countries are beginning to do the same. During his tenure, our immediate past president, Wayne Dysinger, had communications with a number of countries, including Israel, India, England, Ireland, Canada, Botswana, Sweden, Mexico, and Philippines about lifestyle medicine. He also presented at the conference of the Australian Lifestyle Medicine Association in the fall of 2011. I communicated with Brazil on possible lifestyle medicine physician training programs.


I was fortunate to have the opportunity to make a presentation in South Korea at the first lifestyle medicine symposium held in that country last December. More than a dozen physicians and scientists affiliated with the Chonbuk University Medical Center have banded together to start a research program dedicated to lifestyle medicine. The textbook by Egger was recently translated into Korean. It is being used by the first year medical students as part of the first medical school curriculum in lifestyle medicine. Plans are also underway to develop a book targeting lay audiences.


What We Have in Common
The health care systems and reimbursement models differ across countries, but what we have in common is the need to support patients to live healthy lifestyles. Chronic diseases are the number one cause of morbidity and mortality burden in developed countries, and these diseases are escalating in developing countries. In fact, interest in lifestyle medicine is rising among the latter. ACLM was recently contacted by the family medicine faculty group of the West African College of Physicians expressing its eagerness to collaborate with us.

Spotlight: Collaborations on Lifestyle Medicine

Collaborations on Lifestyle Medicine


Liana Lianov, MD, MPH, FACPM


Since its inception, ACLM has been spearheading the specific focus on lifestyle medicine, but not without with the help of key partners. The American Medical Association (AMA), the American College of Preventive Medicine (ACPM, of which ACLM is now an academy) and the Institute of Lifestyle Medicine (ILM) have shown a long standing interest in lifestyle medicine. Our collaboration has helped promote this area significantly. The AMA's large physician membership, ACPM's Lifestyle Medicine Initiative and Task Force -- comprised of leaders in preventive medicine, and ILM's educational programs make our joint efforts powerful.



During its last session in June 2012, the AMA House of Delegates set another landmark by passing a resolution introduced by ACPM that supports the lifestyle medicine competencies. Now the competencies are incorporated into AMA policy, another big step forward in gaining recognition of the need for physicians to offer the services, skills and training required for providing quality lifestyle medicine services. As the term lifestyle medicine becomes more popular across the broader wellness community, one new challenge will be to clearly and scientifically define the latter and develop effective training programs.


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CME Opportunities
Doctor w carrotsACLM's Annual Conference
September 30 - October 2, 2012

Practice Management Workshop
October 3, 2012

Inverness Hotel & Conference 
Center in Englewood, CO

CME, CEU, CEC Opportunity: image
Nov 28-Dec 1 2012
New Orleans

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Harvard Medical School presents...

Tools for Promoting Healthy Change
Transforming Ourselves and Our Patients

November 9-10, 2012
The Conference Center at Waltham Woods, Waltham, MA

Employment Opportunities

Seeking: Nurse Practitioner or Physician versed in Integrative/Functional Medicine to join our growing practice.

Begin Your Dream Lifestyle Medicine Practice
Turnkey health and wellness facility in an affluent community in
Dallas, Texas is available for lease.

Want to place an Employment Opportunity?
Employment listings are free for ACLM members, and are also posted on our website. Others may post opportunities for a modest fee.
Research Summaries

The following presented by WebMD

Coffee in Moderation May Lower Heart Failure Risk

Multitasking Makes You Feel Good   

Benefits of Salad Dressings Made With Monounsaturated Oils 

Simple Lifestyle May Limit Exposure to Chemicals

Food Journal: Write It Down, Shed More Pounds

Fish Oil Doesn't Cut Diabetes Patients' Heart Risk

Curry Compound May Lower Diabetes Risk

Even Mild Anxiety May Shorten a Person's Life


The following presented by MedlinePlus

What hypoallergenic dog?

Extra weight comes with more knee pain, stiffness

Moderate exercise tied to lower breast cancer risk

More Vigilance Needed to Protect Kids With Food Allergies

Prenatal Exposure to Common Household Chemical Linked to Eczema

Weight Loss May Increase Testosterone Levels

Eating Vegetables May Protect Pancreas

People turn to high-calorie food first after fasting

Study finds mismatch between kids and vitamins

Meditation Method a Matter of Taste

U.S. Schools Throwing the Book at Unhealthy Drinks

Heavy Coffee Intake May Affect Fertility Treatments

Exercise Can Shield the Aging Brain

Study Ties Chemicals in Beauty Products to Women's Diabetes Risk

Gut Microbes Might Reflect Health, Diet of Older Adults

Annual Report on U.S. Kids' Health a Mixed Bag

Weight-Loss Keys: Food Journals, Eating In, Not Skipping Meals

Obesity Alone May Not Hurt Kids' Classroom Performance

Heavier Friends Might Widen Your Waistline

Motherhood, Breast-Feeding May Affect Long-Term Weight

Obesity Might Hinder Treatment of Some Breast Cancers

Poor Sleep May Age Your Brain

Exercise, Meditation Can Beat Back Cold, Flu

Does Stress Management Slow MS?

Diet, Weight Loss Ease Menopause Symptoms

Mom's nut consumption tied to less allergy in kids

Work-Linked Sleep Loss May Harm Police Officers' Health

Simple Measures May Curb Excessive Weight Gain in Pregnancy

Preventive Measures Pay Off for Those at Risk of Stroke

Dad's Early Engagement With Son May Shape Behavior Later

Helmets protect motorcyclists' faces, too

Close relationships tied to ovarian cancer survival

Heavy Drinking in Pregnancy Linked to Host of Problems in Children

Vitamin D May Delay Deterioration of Smokers' Lungs

Even without anemia, iron may help fatigue

Certain Tick Bites Might Spur Red Meat Allergy

High-carb diet tied to breast cancer risk for some


The following presented by Medpage Today (May require log-in)

Study Links Child Abuse to Adult Obesity

Caffeine May Lower Risk of Common Skin Cancer

High Dose Vitamin D Prevents Fractures

Health Toll of Fast Food Spreads Eastward

Kids Breathe Better with Dog in the House

Cranberry for UTI More Than Folk Remedy?

Fake Sweeteners Might Help Keep Pounds Off

PG-13 Movies Tied to Kids' Smoking

Kicking Habit Adds More Pounds Than Thought

Sitting Less Could Add Years to Life

Hot Flashes Wane with Diet, Weight Loss

Got Booze? It May Help the Bones

Diabetes Risk: White Rice Joins White Bread

Lack of Sleep May Raise Risk of Diabetes

Lifestyle Factors Tied to Higher BP in Teens

Obese Moms Deplete Fetal Iron

Playing Sports Helps Teens Fight Fat

NYC Trans Fat Ban Does the Job

Hospital Food High in Salt

Being Inactive Kills as Many as Cigarettes

Vitamin E Intake May Pare Liver Cancer Risk

Milk Thistle No Help in Tough Hep C Cases

Too Much Water Bigger Threat Than Too Little

Little Backup for Sports Drink, Product Claims

Stressful Jobs May Hurt the Female Heart

Nutrient Drink Touted for Alzheimer's

Vitamin B12 Boosts Response to Hep C Therapy

Bad Sleep Tied to Cognitive Decline

NYC Big Soda Ban Would Trim Caloric Intake

Melanoma on Rise with Indoor Tanning

Antioxidants May Limit Pancreatic Cancer Risk

Yoga Steadies Stroke Victims

Exercise May Ease Depression in HF Patients

Pets Boost Social Skills in Kids with Autism

Coffee May Tame Parkinson Symptoms

Pipes and Cigars Gain as Smokers Still Light Up

Google Gets It Wrong on Baby Sleep Safety

Honey Seems to Soothe Coughs in Toddlers

Exercise Benefit in Diabetes Upheld

Red Meat Tied to Stroke Risk

Maybe Violent TV Does Give Little Kids Nightmares

Low Vitamin D Levels May Make Sick Kids Sicker


The following presented by National Institutes of Health

Many Survivors of Adolescent and Young Adult Cancers Have Chronic Health Problems, Unhealthy Behaviors

Massage Therapy:What You Knead to Know

Severe Food Allergy Reactions in Kids

Food Choice May Affect Ability to Keep Weight Off

The following presented by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Factors Influencing the Implementation of School Wellness Policies in the United States

An Evaluation Framework for Obesity Prevention Policy Interventions

Creating a Community Coalition to Prevent Childhood Obesity in Yakima County, Washington: Rev It Up!

Estimating Benefits of Past, Current, and Future Reductions in Smoking Rates Using a Comprehensive Model With Competing Causes of Death

Changes in YMCA Afterschool Programs Increase Children's Physical Activity and Healthy Food Options


The following presented by the Fisher Center for Alzheimer's Research Foundation

How Crossword Puzzles May Keep Alzheimer's Away

Smoking Linked to Memory Loss in Men


The following presented by the American Thoracic Society

OSA Can Be Managed Successfully in Primary Care Setting

Links to Opinion Articles, Practice Advice and Patient Handouts


The following presented by WebMD

The Truth About Juice

Addicted to Your Smartphone?

Exercise Motivation: How to Get It, How to Keep It

10 Ways to Save Money on Food Shopping     

 Stretching and Flexibility: 7 Tips

Exercise for Children With ADHD

Ulcerative Colitis and Nutrition: What Is Your Diet Missing?

9 Surprising Reasons to Get More Sleep

Is Organic Food Worth It? 

Make a Healthy Grocery List in Minutes

Why Your BMI Doesn't Tell the Whole Story

The following presented by American Medical News

The benefits - or potential harm - of physical activity

Tax sugary drinks? Here's how to spend the money

The following presented by KevinMD

When it comes to exercise, stating the obvious is really important

Fat cells are factories of inflammation

The following presented by Medline Plus

Exercises to help prevent falls


The following presented by Harvard Medical School

Step up to better blood pressure

Trade sports drinks for water

Artificial sweeteners: sugar-free, but at what cost?

Don't gauge exercise benefits on weight loss alone


The following presented by National Institutes of Health

Digging a Vegetarian Diet: Plant-Based Eating Can Reap Rewards


The following presented by Berkeley Wellness Alerts

Melatonin: Beyond Jet Lag

The Incredible Edible Unsafe Egg?

The Fiber Brigade

Clearing Cholesterol Confusion

Biological vs. Chronological Age

Anti-Energy Drinks

Is Your Carrot an Underachiever?

Nuts About Peanuts

Foam Rollers: Merrily We Roll Along

Puttin' on the Pounds


ACPM Headlines
Here are some of the stories found in the recent issue of ACPM's newsletter:

The United States Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) has released two final recommendations on obesity screening and behavioral counseling.

The National Prevention Council, led by U.S. Surgeon General Regina Benjamin, has released the National Prevention Council Action Plan: Implementing the National Prevention Strategy, providing next steps in the implementation of the National Prevention Strategy.
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