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August 2011
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Staff Psychiatrist, Scott and White Hospital and Clinic
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Clinical Asst. Professor, Surgery F. Edward Herbert School of Medicine

Bethesda, Maryland

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CME Calendar

Lifestyle Medicine Practice Management Workshop

September 25-28, 2011
Columbia River Gorge, WA

Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition

September 16, 2011

Portland, OR  

Lifestyle Medicine Conference

October 7-8, 2011

Salem, VA

Obesity 2011

October 1-5, 2011
Orlando, FL

Obesity in America

October 14-15, 2011

Stanford, CA


Active Lives

November 11-12
Waltham, MA

Nutrition as Core Medicine

November 16-19
Morristown, NJ

WELCOME to the August 2011 issue of  

Lifestyle Medicine in Action!  

In this issue ACLM President, Dr. Wayne Dysinger  

discusses support for the financial viability and success  

of Lifestyle Medicine practices.  


Our story on Dr. Howard Gimbel and Judy Gimbel, MPH, highlights how Lifestyle Medicine can be skillfully integrated into ophthalmology and other specialty practices.   


We're pleased to offer a new group e-mail service, giving members an easy way to connect, ask questions, and share ideas on Lifestyle Medicine topics.  It's as simple as sending an email.


Learn from leading experts how to successfully implement components of Lifestyle Medicine practice in your practice and thrive through the sweeping changes happening in healthcare.  Attend the Lifestyle Medicine Practice Management Workshop. Click here to learn more.  


To your active lifestyle, balance, and well-being!


President's Desk
Wayne Dysinger

Whether we like it or not, in the end things tend to come down to money.  I have to admit that it's important to me to hang on tightly to the value of making decisions based on philosophical or spiritual "greater good" concepts.  Lifestyle Medicine absolutely thrives in philosophical environments.  Nevertheless, as I live my life day to day in this world, decisions I make are consistently and majorly influenced by economics. 


We all enjoy thinking about how Accountable Care Organizations and Health Care Reform and the Chronic Disease Epidemic are going to make Lifestyle Medicine the most important component of health care in the world.  All of these things hold significant promise for our specialty.  But in the end what will make us grow is not the potential ideal world as much as it is whether on any given day Joe or Jane Blow, a health care provider from Anywhere, USA can make money offering their services based on Lifestyle Medicine principles. 


ACLM recognizes this and is completely committed to supporting practitioners in their desires to offer Lifestyle Medicine and do well financially in the process.  As such, we've developed a rather amazing 2 ˝ day practice management workshop dedicated to giving physicians and other health care providers the tools needed to make money while practicing Lifestyle Medicine.  The details of this workshop can be found elsewhere in this newsletter as well as even more extensively on our website.  We have a world class slate of presenters, fantastic facilities, and packages that make this a "can't turn down" investment for multiple types of providers. 


By participating in this workshop not only will you learn how to make a living using Lifestyle Medicine, you will also be a member of a unique group of people who "were there when it all started".  We fully expect that the success of the workshop will force it to become an annual event that will grow and become a dominant focal point in the Lifestyle Medicine world.  There's something exciting about helping to get a valuable tradition started.  So come not just for what you'll learn, but also for what you'll share and who you'll be with.


I'd also like to specifically thank two people - Marc Braman, MD, MPH, our ACLM Executive Director who had the vision and has provided the leadership for the workshop; and Kathleen Jones, MA, our newsletter managing editor and workshop planning coordinator.  Without these two individuals and the countless hours of volunteer work they have contributed towards the workshop it would not be a reality.  The workshop is still 6 weeks away, but we're seeing strong interest among registrants.  We hope you'll join us and help us show that Lifestyle Medicine works not only theoretically but also practically.  When it comes down to money, we can make Lifestyle Medicine work, and make it work well. 


Wayne Dysinger, MD, MPH

Practice Spotlight:  

Dr. Howard and Judy Gimbel  

Dr. Howard and Judy Gimbel
Howard Gimbel, MD, MPH and Judith Gimbel, MPH

In a career spanning over four decades, Dr. Howard Gimbel, physician, innovator, author, and honored guest speaker, has received dozens of awards and distinctions in the field of ophthalmology.  Credited with introducing outpatient eye surgery to Canada, he was also the first surgeon in the country to use an ultrasonic probe to remove cataracts. While developing new techniques in cataract surgery, he became interested in refractive surgery, bringing the original radial keratotomy procedure to Alberta.  In addition, the Gimbel Eye Centre was the site of the first photorefractive keratoyomy (PRK) laser eye surgery in Canada.    

Graduating from Loma Linda University School of Medicine in 1960, he completed his ophthalmology residency at White Memorial Medical Center, and later along with his wife, Judy, completed his MPH with an emphasis in nutrition.  Together they built the renowned Gimbel Eye Centre and founded the Gimbel Eye Foundation, established in 1984 to enhance the level of patient care in Canada and around the world.   

Dr. Gimbel has been invited to speak at numerous universities and medical centers in the U.S. and abroad, including Harvard, Tufts, Duke, Johns Hopkins, UCLA, and the Mayo and Cleveland Clinics, and holds academic appointments including Professor and Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology at Loma Linda University.  In 2009, Dr. Gimbel was presented the Lifetime Achievement Award by the Canadian Opthalmological Society.  Despite his many accomplishments, Dr. Gimbel derives the deepest satisfaction from improving the quality of his patients' lives and from teaching.  "Helping individual patients and teaching other doctors so they can help their own patients is the greatest satisfaction I can imagine." 

In their personal lives, Howard and Judy Gimbel adhere to principles of Lifestyle Medicine and view their health practices and spiritual path as one and the same - enjoying fresh air, long walks in nature (they now wear pedometers for continued motivation and feedback), healthy eating and taking time for rest and relaxation. 


The Gimbels brought their commitment to principles of good health to patients and staff of the Eye Centre.  Ahead of their time, they observed dramatic improvements among patients adopting healthier lifestyles - noting, for example, resolution of early stage macular degeneration, with general improved health of the retina and eye.  A number of studies have since shown protective benefits of the antioxidant carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin in macular degeneration, confirming Dr. Gimbel's early observations and recommendation to regularly eat fruits and vegetables with deep intense colors.   

Along with their partner, Reuben Lorenson, DrPH, the Gimbels developed extensive health education resources including lifestyle assessments, counseling and classes, with health education materials on nutrition, activity, cholesterol and stress reduction.  



View the full article Dr. Howard and Judy Gimbel


CME Opportunity: Lifestyle Medicine Practice Management  

American College of Lifestyle Medicine and 

American College of Preventive Medicine present

Skamania Lodge


Realizing the Dream:

Lifestyle Medicine 

Practice Management Workshop


September 25-28, 2011  

Columbia River Gorge, WA   

More information  


CME Opportunity: Lifestyle Medicine Conference

Lifestyle Medicine Conference:

Focus on Integration and Collaboration


October 7-8, 2011

Roanoke College, Salem, Virginia

Keynote Speaker: Joel Fuhrman, MD 

More information 


CME Opportunity: Enhancing Health with Plant-Based Nutrition   

Neal Barnard, MD
Neal Barnard, MD
Adventist Health and Northwest Veg present:                           

Enhancing Health  

with Plant-Based Nutrition

A Professional Conference  

for Health Care Practitioners


September 16, 2011  

Adventist Medical Center, Portland, OR  

More information 



CME Opportunity: Obesity 2011

The Obesity Society presentsapple



29th Annual Scientific Meeting


October 1-5, 2011 

Orlando, Florida   

More information   



CME Opportunity: Obesity in America

Stanford School of Medicine presentsStanford CME Conference


Obesity in America


October 14-15, 2011 

Stanford, California    

 More information   


CME Opportunity: Active Lives: Transforming Ourselves and Our Patients 

Man on treadmill (ILM)

Active Lives:

Transforming Ourselves and Our Patients


November 11-12, 2011 · Friday-Saturday

The Conference Center at Waltham Woods, Waltham, MA

        More information


CME Opportunity: The Emergence of Nutrition as Core Medicine  

Nutrition as Core Medicine ConferenceThe American College of Nutrition presents


The Emergence of Nutrition  

as Core Medicine 


November 16-19, 2011
Morristown, New Jersey

More information 


CME Opportunity:
Lifestyle Medicine/Preventive Medicine 2011

The American College of Preventive Medicine offers online access to the recorded Lifestyle Medicine sessions and speaker slides from its most recent annual meeting,


Lifestyle Medicine/Preventive Medicine 2011


This content is accessible through ACPM's e-Portal. To view the presentations, click on the  

2011 conference proceedings link located on the left side.    

More information


Lifestyle Medicine Career Listings    

POSTED: March 24, 2011
I am excited to place the following offer to either a Nurse Practitioner or Physician versed in Integrative/Functional Medicine to join our growing practice. With the basis of teaching patients lifestyle medicine, we are growing an active and vibrant practice. Our practice houses a 2400 square foot functional movement center and a teaching kitchen. We have had a wellness-based course in place for 2 years with the group medical visit model in place; we have brought 200 graduates through our program and have been witness to wonderful life transforming stories.
For further information, please contact me by office phone (708-448-9450) or via email Wellness@wellbeingmd.com.
John R. Principe, MD

About Employment Opportunities Listings: To post an employment opportunity or for rate information, please contact admin@lifestylemedicine.org
ACLM members may post career opportunities or job seeking announcements at no charge.

Research Summaries  

The following presented by the CDC, Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report  

Contribution of Occupational Physical Activity Toward Meeting Recommended Activity Guidelines
Two thirds of U.S. adults meet minimum guidelines through nonoccupational physical activity; when occupational physical activity is considered, an additional 6.5% of adults meet minimum guidelines.

The following presented by the CDC

Death in the United States, 2009, Key Findings 

Mortality in 2009 declined among most groups, attributed to reductions in the rates of death from the major causes of death including heart disease, cancer, stroke, and chronic lower respiratory disease.  

Use of the Internet for Health Information: United States, 2009
As the percentage of adults in the United States using the Internet continues to grow, the Internet as a source of health information for consumers may become increasingly important.


Latest State Data Show Rates of Obesity Remain High
Director of CDC's Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity and Obesity states, "This epidemic is complex and we must continue to change the environments that make it hard to eat healthy, and make it hard for people to be active."

The following presented by Medline Plus

Pregnancy and Healthy Weight
New research shows that maintaining a healthy weight before and during pregnancy can reduce the likelihood of negative effects for mothers and babies.

U.S. Minorities No Strangers to Health Ills
Minorities more likely to develop a number of chronic and deadly diseases according to the U.S.
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. 

Parents' Stress Tied to Pollution's Effect on Kids  Children living in high-stress households are more vulnerable to lung damage from traffic pollution than children whose parents are less stressed out, according to the results of a new study.

Japanese Herb for Hot Flashes Fails in U.S. Trial
An herbal remedy widely used in Japan to ease menopause symptoms failed to show the same benefits in a clinical trial of U.S. women, researchers report.


Childhood Pets Linked to Lower Allergy Risk 

Good news for families and pets: Fido or Kitty might actually be good for children's health, scientists say.


Return to Smoking After Heart Attack Ups Death Risk
After a heart attack, quitting smoking may offer a patient more benefits than any medication, but researchers say the flipside is that resuming smoking after leaving the hospital can raise the same patient's risk of dying as much as five-fold.

The following presented by NIH Research Matters

Using Light and Sound to Detect Artery Blockage  

Scientists have developed a 3-D imaging method that uses light and sound waves to noninvasively detect atherosclerosis and possibly other disorders that involve fatty buildup.

Certain Foods Linked to Long-term Weight Gain

Munching more unprocessed plant foods may help keep the middle-aged bulge away, a new study suggests.


Brain Pathway Links Nicotine and Weight Loss  

Scientists have pinpointed a brain receptor that seems to mediate nicotine's ability to reduce food intake, which may lead to more targeted therapies for smoking cessation and weight control.


The following presented by Web MD


Why Comfort Foods Are So Comforting  

Study suggests some types of food may help ease a sad mood.

Very Old Don't Always Have Healthy Habits  

Longevity genes may protect them from unhealthy lifestyles, expert says.

FDA: Chantix Linked to Heart Attack in People With Heart Disease  

Small increased risk seen in Chantix users with cardiovascular disease.

Most Babies Fed Too Much Salt
Cows' milk and processed foods lead to 70% of babies exceeding recommended salt intake.


The following presented by Medscape (login required)

Obesity in the Pathogenesis of Type 2 Diabetes
Obesity, and especially visceral adiposity, escalates the development of insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes.

Pharmacotherapy of Fibromyalgia: Diagnosis of Fibromyalgia
Published evidence on the pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of fibromyalgia is reviewed, with an emphasis on recent clinical trials of various pharmacologic agents.
Probiotics for Antibiotic-Associated Diarrhea?
This review focuses on the use of probiotics with concurrent antibiotic treatment for the prevention of antibiotic-associated diarrhea.

Americans Are Flocking to Alternative Therapies
New report says 38 million adults make more than 300 million visits per year to acupuncturists, chiropractors, massage therapists, and other alternative and complementary practitioners.

The following presented by the Obesity Society 
Body monitoring technology sheds light on behavior and lifestyle patterns that contribute to childhood obesity.

Links to Opinion Articles, Practice Advice and Patient Handouts
The following presented by Medline

Summer Heat Holds Potential Danger for Young Athletes 

Keeping kids hydrated is most important safety measure, doctor advises.


The following presented by the CDC


People with Disabilities: Living Healthy 

Suggestions for improving health and wellness for those with disabilities.


Become a Text4baby Partner 

Text4baby delivers free health tips three times a week via cell phone text messages to pregnant women and new moms.



The following presented by Diabetes in Control


Interview with David D'Alessio, MD; Internal Medicine-Endocrinology, Professor
What are the effects of using a GLP-1 drug when on the Atkins diet and a low-fat diet?



The following presented by KevinMD

Who Takes Care of Doctors When They Get Sick?
Societal and self-imposed expectations of physicians. 


Tobacco Cigarettes: Sold Only in Pharmacies to People With Permit
Groundbreaking legislation in Iceland.

The following presented by Medscape Today

Concierge Practice: Unjust for Patients and Doctors Alike  

Does concierge medicine exclude patients and burden primary care practitioners who don't take the concierge route?


The Potassium Phenomenon: Hypertension in China
Low potassium and high sodium intake likely contributing to high rates of hypertension in the Chinese population.

Which Is Better: Vitamin D2 or D3?
Health professionals should encourage use of cholecalciferol over ergocalciferol in all patients without severe renal failure, either as a general supplement or as a treatment for vitamin D deficiency.


Burned Out? How Doctors Recover Their Spark 

Medscape Business of Medicine reports sports, travel, and outdoor activities as the top three burnout busters for physicians.


The following from Amednews


ACOG Calls for Annual Mammograms for Women Starting at Age 40  

The recommendations mark a departure from the group's previous guidelines and differ from those of the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force.


Direct Primary Care Model: Cutting Out the Insurer   

A provision in the health reform law might provide a big boost to a little-known type of primary care.


AMA Offering Online Billing Tools  

Complete coding and billing references can be updated regularly as changes are made to compliance rules.


Work-hour Numbers Linked to Career Satisfaction
With few exceptions, doctors who work the most hours are less satisfied than those who work the least. "Lifestyle seems to be more important these days, and work hours are a big factor in lifestyle," says lead author of study on physician work hours in Archives of Internal Medicine.


The following presented by WebMD   


Beyond Dieting: Alternative Approaches to Weight Loss  

How acupuncture, hypnosis, meditation, prayer, and other mind-body practices may help you lose weight.


Is Smoking Dragging You Down?  

10 reasons to quit smoking beyond the big health threats.


The following presented by Mayo Clinic

Resilience: Build Skills to Endure Hardship
Resilience means being able to adapt to life's misfortunes and setbacks. Test your resilience level and get tips to build your own resilience.

Job Burnout: Spotting It and Taking Action
Discover if you're at risk of job burnout - and what you can do when your job begins to affect your health and happiness.

Back Pain at Work: Preventing Pain and Injury  

Heavy lifting, repetitive movements and sitting at a desk all day can take a toll on your back. Facts on work-related back pain and strategies for prevention.



The following presented by Berkeley Wellness Alerts

The Buzz on Energy Drinks Typically marketed as dietary supplements, energy drinks are a fast-growing billion-dollar industry.

Exercise: A Prescription for Successful Aging

Exercise impacts aging in many ways: weight loss, building & strengthening muscle, and warding off mild depression, among other benefits.


A Nap to Remember  

As if we needed another reason to enjoy a midday snooze, a growing body of research suggests that napping helps improve memory.


The Low Blood Sugar Blues  

Fatigue, dizziness, inability to concentrate and other symptoms are often attributed to hypo­glycemia. How big a problem is it?  

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