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Oerth Gallery Newsletter - February 2009
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Introducing Chopsticks Baskets
Luxury Room Fragrances
How Fused Glass is Made
 Got Candy?
New - We now carry Artistic  candy by Suzanne Weaver (Chicago). 
 So pretty --- you may want to display her candy as Art, but so delicious you won't be able to. (It won't last).
So good for you --(well, come on, it's candy) but it is made from good stuff like sunflower seeds & nuts. 
We first fell in-love with the color combos, but then we fell in-love with the taste.
Lucious high quality chocolate surrounds nuts, sunflower seeds, malted balls, etc.  It's addictive.  Come in and taste it! 
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Just returned from the New York Gift Show & The Buyer's Market of American Crafts (Philadelphia). We found fantastic new artists.  It's inspirational how people have created businesses doing what they love to do.  The artists are worried about the economy.  They worry that what they do is "extra".  We feel that well-crafted American art and craft offers an alternative to mass produced goods and Wal-Mart.  We have many gifts under $15 and it's GREENER to buy local. Keeps the tax dollars here, too.  
New York - we viewed thousands of booths. Two days of non-stop walking.  "Being GREEN" is a strong trend and we selected 2 new lines that are entirely made by-hand from recycled materials (glass and believe it or not, chopsticks).  These artists are brilliant designers. They're also enterprising people with good hearts, a vital combination for today's times.  
Coming Next Month:  Focus on local Artist Linda Elliff - a maven of recycling.  The who, what and how of her unique art work.
GO GREEN - Recycling at its best
 Chopstick Baskets
We love this Oregonian and now have his unique baskets...
adajio earrings 19.95His idea was simple: collect post-use, single-use chopsticks from restaurants, thoroughly clean them, sanitize them at extremely high temperature and pressure, and use them to make high-quality accents for the consumer's living space. The idea was the brainstorm of Bryan Parks, an American who lived in China for several years.
adajio earrings 19.95
(Pictured - Bryan Parks atop a mountain of chopsticks awaiting recycling)
One day during lunch-which was of course being eaten with single-use chopsticks, Bryan asked his lunch partner how many chopsticks did he imagine were used per year considering China's population size. This simple question would prove to be the catalyst for an innovative coupling of art and conservationism. Research showed that 
literally billions of single-use chopsticks were consumed annually. Even more shocking --- was that it took, by some estimates, 25 million trees and bamboo plants to support that resource waste. Was there an opportunity to use the chopsticks for other applications that would provide a consumer benefit while bringing awareness to the negative environmental impact of single-use chopsticks? 
Oerth Gallery now carries Bryan's small and large baskets, and his charming soap dish. (A perfect fit for our soap rocks).  Our baskets are lightly "tea stained", so that the color is natural and neutral. (By the way, did we tell you the baskets fold flat for easy storage?)
Meanwhile Bryan is enjoying a hugely successful business.  But at the same time, he worries that the future of single-use chopsticks and the impact to the world's forests are unknown. He says that he genuinely hopes that one day he will be put out-of-business by preservation efforts.  Until then, we wish Bryan the best of everything - and hope you'll stop by soon to see his exquisitely designed baskets of enduring quality and ecological significance.  
"Gianna Rose" Diffusers - N E W
Do you enjoy diffusers and room fragrances?  In NY we found  this amazing fragrance idea in the form of room decor by Gianna Rose (a totally American Company), and we will carry 4 fragrances. We like a lot of things about "Gianna Rose" such as they use recycled packaging, natural fragrances, and they get their supplies from small USA artisan shops. This set we show you here includes porcelain flowers (cast in a small shop in California), the black dish, fragrance and natural decor. Comes packaged in a gorgeous box, and you add the fragrance oil a drop or two at a time - so you control how much scent will diffuse into your room.
This product, at the NY Gift Show, was nominated for New Product of the Year in its category.
We also NOW carry a selection of their soaps.  About "Gianna Rose", one of our customers said, "This is reasonably priced for the quality - and it makes a fabulous Birthday Day present or Hostess Gift".  An added bonus: the packaging is so pretty, you'll probably re-use the box to store something special. We also liked this product because the flower that holds the oil will last indefinately, and you can buy refills.  Go Green!     
The Enduring Quality of Peggy Karr Glass - True handmade artisan glass at an affordable price 
One of the most popular patterns from the New Jersey studio of Peggy Karr Glass is Tuscany.  Our customers also love her dog and cat designs, and her contemporary patterns, such as Brocade. This is enameled fused glass.  It starts with a piece of blank glass. To make the design, enamels (which are powdered glasses in many colors) are sifted onto the glass through stencils. The sifting process takes great skill, and each color is done separately. Then another piece of glass is placed on top. Into a special kiln it goes. The enamel melts and the 2 pieces of glass melt (fuse) together. But it's not finished yet --- at this point, it comes out of the kiln flat, and it needs to be shaped. So back into the kiln it goes (heated to around 1500 degrees - in special molds to create the shape). Each piece is hand signed P. Karr and also dated with the year of manufacture. To increase collectibility, Karr continually adds new designs and ceases production of old patterns.    
You'll see that air bubbles are inbedded into the glass using Karr's process, and this is a hallmark of her unique style.  If you own Karr glass, we hope you display it. Karr Glass is  durable and will stand up to heavy use.  Karr is one of the nation's most successful glass artisans, and an example of the possibility of growing an artisan-business from a one-person operation to a company that employees others and has national distribution.  Quality, consistency and fair prices, no wonder she is so successful.  Made in the USA.
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