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Oerth Gallery Newsletter - March 2009
News, Views and Creative Ideas 
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What's New? Zsiska Jewelry
What's Showing - National Gallery
Eco-Entrepreneurship - Linda Elliff's Assemblages
Upstairs at Oerth Gallery - Artist Sheep Jones
Meet "Tinkly Winkler" artist, Keith Neissel
zsiska! black red white jewelry 
Zsiska! has arrived at
Oerth Gallery
While at The New York Gift Show, my business partner, Linda, and I decided we would look for one more line that stopped us dead-in-our-tracks, and there it was...Zsiska. 
Bold, graphic and unique, Zsiska's jewelry is created from highly polished resin. We're proud to say the only other retail outlet for Zsiska in this area is The National Gallery.

Robin's Egg Guest Soap Set by Gianna Rose - artisan handcrafted in USA
Think Spring
March 21
Think Cherry Blossoms 
The Robin's Egg set has been very popular, and we also have Hen Soap (laying her eggs) and, for Spring, we have a beautiful rabbit. 
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She Dances to the Beat of a Different Guitar by Alison Strine
"She Dances to the Beat of a Different Guitar" print & magnet by Alison Strine

"Her Tiara Can Get a Bit Itchy"
print & magnetby Alison Strine 
Avis Fleming Etching
Stop by the Gallery to view Avis' ever-changing collection of new works. This piece is a hand-colored etching of Toucans... 
What's Showing?National Gallery
Heaven on Earth: Manuscript Illuminations from the National Gallery of Art 3/1 - 8/2/09
East Building
Designing the Lincoln Memorial: Daniel Chester French and Henry Bacon
2/12 - 2/12/10
West Building
In the Tower: Philip Guston 2/1 - 9/13/09
East Building Tower
Pride of Place: Dutch Cityscapes of the Golden Age
2/1 - 5/3/09
West Building
Looking In: Robert Frank's "The Americans"
1/18 -4/26/09
West Building
Reading the Modern Photography Book: Changing Perceptions
1/18 - 4/26/09
West Building
CLOSING - Documenting Discovery: The Excavation of Pompeii and Herculaneum
10/08 - 3/20/09
East Building
Pompeii and the Roman Villa: Art and Culture around the Bay of Naples
10/19/08 - 3/22/09
East Building 
Oceans, Rivers, and Skies: Ansel Adams, Robert Adams, and Alfred Stieglitz
10/12/08 - 3/15/09
West Building
If you haven't been in for a while --- you'll discover we've added fabulous new things from the Winter Season Shows.  Even lines we had before, we've expanded.
Recession?  Sure, we're a litle anxious about the economy, but we remain optimistic about the future, and, as always, want to thank you, our loyal friends and customers, for your support.
To celebrate the coming of SPRING, we decided to have a THINK GREEN promotion.  Everything in our store that is GREEN  (the color green) is 20% off.  (And yes, we'll interpret that liberally, so even our most expensive paintings are included...)
  Sale dates until March 31. 
GO GREEN - Alexandria artist
Linda Elliff creates assemblages.
 Her Product: Wall Mirrors that recall the past with a funky new flair.  
Wall Mirror at Oerth Gallery 
You may already know local artist, Linda Elliff. Immediate past President of local art group, Del Ray Artisans.  She has been exhibiting (and selling) at Oerth Gallery for more than a year. Part of the challenge (and fun) for her is finding the material she uses for her art:  vintage china, cut crystal, silverplate, costume jewelry etc., and of course, mirror.  She told us she has a collected a large stash, hundreds of pieces. Her source?  Goodwills, thrift shops, yard sales, you get the idea.  If you have any good stuff you'd like to clear out of the attic--- she welcomes donations. But like many artists, she values her independence, so custom work is not encouraged.  She will add a small momento, or keepsake, however.
(Pictured - Alexandria artist Linda Elliff with her wall mirror on-display at Oerth Gallery)

The origin of the word "ASSEMBLAGE" (as relates to art) can be traced back to the early 1950s, when artist Jean Dubuffet created a series of collages of butterfly wings, which he titled assemblages d'empreintes.  Even before this, artists Marcel Duchamp & Pablo Picasso had been working with found objects for many years. Famous early assemblage artists include Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven (Dada). In the late 1930's Ukranian born American artist Louise Nevelson began creating sculpture from found pieces of wood.

In 1961, the exhibition "The Art of Assemblage" was featured at the New York Museum of Modern Art. The exhibition showcased the work of early twentieth century European artists such as Braque, Dubuffet, Marcel Duchamp, Picasso, and Kurt Schwitters alongside Americans Man Ray, Joseph Cornell and Robert Rauschenberg, and also included less well known American West Coast assemblage artists such as Wallace Berman, Bruce Conner and Edward Kienholz. The curator of this landmark exhibit described assemblages as being made up of preformed natural or manufactured materials, objects, or fragments not intended as art materials. 
Linda Eliff is among a group of artisans that likes to "recycle".  At the Winter shows we've just attended, there were other artists using similar materials but making wind chimes & jewelry from old silverplate, sterling, etc.  We saw nothing quite-like Linda's art.
Elliff says people ask her all the time what type of glues she uses, but she considers it a little bit of a trade secret, since she worked for years trying different things.  
Want to try it?  There are many how-to books available about assemblages (and its cousin, collage). 

Sheep Jones - "Botanical #39"

 Artist:  Sheep Jones
"Botanical #39" - oil on board
Renowned local artist, Sheep Jones, is one of our "Upstairs Gallery" regulars.  Other artists include:  Marsha Staiger, Acrylic Paintings; Carlos Beltran, Ceramic Sculpture;  and Avis Fleming, Paintings, Etchings and Lithographs, and Lorraine Oerth, Paintings & Collages. 
Coming Soon:  Solo Shows by Staiger and Ceramic Artist Vivian Johnson.
 From the Pacific Northwest
we offer "Tinkly Winklers" Wind Chimes by glass artist Keith Neissel
Read what the artist has to say:  
We offer unmatched brilliance and sound clarity.  Once you have heard our Tinkly Winkler windchimes, you will understand why we claim to make the finest glass chimes you can buy. Sure, you can look at them and see the beauty of the blown stained glass. You might notice the carefull selection of the most interesting, lasting and beautifully sculpted driftwood mother nature can produce (left totally natural, by the way). But, once you hear them will you become awed inspired and a true believer. For 16 years, we have been dedicated to the highest standards in materials, design, construction and workmanship; to bring you a glass chime of outstanding beauty, sound, and durability. Yes, we did say durability. Tinkly Winklers have proven to be amazingly durable. In fact, we quarantee them for a full year against breakage. Use indoors or outdoors.

Artist Keith Neissel

Artist Keith Neissel visited the gallery for the first time last month.  (His sister lives in the area - and she was getting married ---congratulations!!!)   He is duly proud of his work, and takes the greatest pride in the appearance and quality of his glass work. Here's an artist who does it all --- including foraging for the wood pieces on which the glass hangs.  
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Linda Musselman and Lorraine Oerth
Oerth Gallery
Save 20%
Take 20% off anything green - or anything that contains GREEN.
It's our thank-you-to-our-loyal-customers sale, and our way of commemorating MARCH - Saint Patricks Day, First Day of Spring, GREEN GREEN GRASS OF HOME, you name it. 
Don't forget - We serve refreshments on Saturdays.  Come in and relax. 
Offer Expires: March 31, 2009