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What's going on around town?

Jan 3
Town Hall Meeting
Lansing Community Center
7-9:00 pm

Republican Women's Club Meeting 
Riverfront Community Center
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Jan 18
Hope for America Meeting
Johnson County Library
Antioch and Shawnee Msn
7-9:00 pm

Jan 20
Republican Stammtisch
High Noon saloon, Leavenworth
6:30-8:30 pm

Jan 25
Filing Deadline for April Elections

Jan 28 - 30
Kansas Days
Topeka Convention Center

Feb 7
Town Hall Meeting
Lansing Community Center
7-9:00 pm

Feb 15
Republican Women's Club Meeting 
Riverfront Community Center
11:30 am - 1:30 pm

Feb 17
Republican Stammtisch
High Noon saloon, Leavenworth
6:30-8:30 pm

Feb 19
 Lincoln Day Dinner
Riverfront Community Center
Leavenworth, KS
6:00 - 10:00 pm

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Comments from the ChairmanCandidate Training

    I hope that everyone had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.  This past year was filled with excitement, thrills and some disappointments for many of us who were involved in political campaigns and the elections.  Now that the elections are over, it is at this time that many people look ahead toward the 2012 General Elections and think that we have a year to relax before the next campaign season starts.

 This is not the case.  We have the off-year (April) elections just around the corner.  It is these elections that will determine who becomes our city commissioners/council members and school board members. 


When we think of the April elections and how they impact us, we have the think about the decisions that these individuals will be making.  Many issues that impact each one of us directly are decided by these boards/commissions and, for the most part, go un-noticed by most citizens.  Decisions are made here, by a few people, with results that impact many, if not all the citizens of the cities/county.


One such issue was recently brought to my attention and deserves to be mentioned:


I have an item of interest I would like to bring to your attention.  I believe it deserves forthright concern and action.  I will describe the event that occurred locally two weeks ago.  From my perspective, the following type of thing undermines everything that we try to do to restore a traditionalist, conservative nation through the vote.  So I will begin.


I received a phone call from a neighbor that the Lansing City Council was a holding its monthly meeting.  One of the topics of the meeting was the building of (more) low income housing in Lansing, near the elementary school.  The meeting was chaired by the Lansing mayor.  This would have been a "done deal" had some of us not shown up at the meeting and vented our complete opposition to this.  When asked why the council was moving ahead with this action, no one on the council could answer why this was a good thing for Lansing.  What did come to light was that an investment group from Kansas City, Missouri, had bought the property with the intent to get Federal tax credits etc to develop a 48 unit low income housing project in our backyard unbeknownst to us, the citizenry.  These modern day Carpet Baggers would build low income housing in our community, get the money, and remain absentee landlords, at best, while we get stuck with the bill, greater crowding of our schools, higher crime, and an influx of a population group that is not wanted.  The reason they are not wanted is that they are not coming here under their own volition to add to the community but to come here because of a subsidized environment for them.


Again, the question was asked, why are we doing this?  Is it to turn Lansing into a smaller version of Kansas City or New York or LA?  We already have those things.  We do not need it here.  What's wrong with keeping our small town and rural areas in tact?  What is the purpose of destroying this?  Again, no answer.  Finally, the distinction was made to the council, that as private property owners, we have a right to say who comes here and who doesn't.  If our rights as private property owners are negated by the government, then we don't really have any rights.  The right to vote doesn't mean anything.  (In essence, modern day Carpet Baggers come into our locale with the intent to buy property to line their pockets - charity is not their primary concern - which leaves the community holding the bag.  These people do not come to this community to buy a farm or home or business and become members of the community.)  On the contrary they come here to make a profit and bring in populations and problems we don't want but are unaware of until it is too late.


Why is it that more Lansing locals did not know about this?  After all, notification did go out to the public - for those of who lived within two hundred feet of the building site!   Are you kidding!  This is laughable if it weren't serious.  We cannot tolerate a government that hides behind legalities and procedures in what is becoming life and death for our communities.


I will end here as I am short for time, but you get the gist of what I'm saying.  Real estate developers and local politicians, knowingly or unknowingly, have the ability to undermine God, family, freedom, and Kansas without the populace knowing what happened until it has already happened.  And this is done without voting.  We do not need unlimited development at the continued cost of our culture and civilization for 30 pieces of silver.  This needs to stop.   (Joe Boarman)


It is for reasons such as this and many more that go un-noticed, that make it imperative that citizens stay aware and informed of what our elected officials are doing, at all levels of government.


John Bradford

Connie's Corner                      by: Rep. Connie O'Brien

Connie Obrien

      I hope everyone had a blessed and joyous Christmas.  The New Year is here and I'm looking forward to the swearing in ceremony that marks the official beginning of the 2011 legislative session.  On January 10th, newly elected members of Kansas government will take their oath of office.  Governor Elect Sam Brownback, Lt. Governor Jeff Colyer and all of our statewide elected officials, all Republicans, will be sworn in at 11:00 am; House members will take their oath of office, in groups of ten, in the House chambers at 2:00 pm.  This year, Owen Donohoe and I will be joined by Representative Elect Jana Goodman, who now represents the 41st District.  That seat was previously held by Democrat Marti Crow.  It will be great having Jana join Owen and me as a member of the Republican Delegation from Leavenworth County. Republicans now hold three of the four representative seats in Leavenworth County.  


I plan to attend the Governor's Inaugural Ball on January 8th.  This will be the first Inaugural Ball I have ever attended.  I feel the need to celebrate our many victories, here in Kansas and also the huge gains we've made in Washington.  The election of 2010 resulted in the biggest change of power in Congress since the election of 1946. The winds of change are at our backs and now it becomes absolutely necessary that we deliver on our campaign promises if we hope to keep that momentum working for us.      


I am truly looking forward to the 2011 session for several reasons.  House Republicans have again elected some great people to House leadership positions.  I'm glad to have Representative Mike O'Neal return as House Speaker.  Mike fought hard last session to promote sound fiscal and social policies only to see his efforts fail because a few progressive Republicans sided with Democrats and their failed policies.  This session will be very different because the voters soundly rejected those policies which promoted increases in taxes and spending.  We now have 92 Republican House members.  Although a few progressive-minded Republicans did return, they are very much in the minority.  House Democrats lost 16 seats and their numbers have declined to the point where there are just 33 Democrats in the House.  If our newly elected Republican legislators can lead the way to sound fiscal and social policies we may see even fewer House Democrats after the elections in 2012.  I am excited because now we have the conservative numbers in the House to accomplish what eluded us during the 2010 session, and we have a Governor who will support sound fiscal and social policies. 



Here are my Committee Assignments for 2011:

-          Elections Committee   -  Mondays and Wednesdays (9:00 am) 

I am sure we will see legislation designed to eliminate any opportunity for voter fraud.  Legislation requiring photo ID when voting in person and proof of citizenship when registering to vote will be debated.   


-          Veterans / Military Affairs and Home Land Security Committee  -  Tuesdays and Thursdays (9:00 am)

I was honored to be appointed by Speaker O'Neal as the Vice Chair of the Veterans, Military and Home Land Security Committee.  I am a military mom.  My son Shaun will be deployed this year to the horn of Africa.  I have a grandson currently stationed at Fort Knox.  I have two sons-in-law, Marines, who are Iraq veterans.  My dad was a WW II veteran and my husband Ed, a military veteran himself, Ed's dad served in WW I.  I believe my family's military history and experience has given me the knowledge and perspective to be an effective VC on this committee.  


-          Federal and State Affairs  -  Daily (1:30 pm) 

I served on this committee in 2009 to 2010.  It is one of my favorite committees because you never know exactly what you will be looking into from day to day.  I'm sure that many of the good pieces of legislation that managed to pass out of this committee, legislation that was successful in passing the House and Senate only to be vetoed by Governor Sebelius or her successor, Mark Parkinson, will receive the signature of Governor Brownback and become law.  Legislators are expected to revisit concealed-carry legislation, with the intent to loosen regulations.  Legislation regulating abortion procedures and reporting will be passed again and signed.  


-          Education Budget Committee  -  Daily (3:30 pm)

This will be real interesting.  With the economy still struggling, legislators will be looking for areas where they can cut spending.  I believe that standardizing budget reports may be helpful in identifying areas where education funds could be used more efficiently.  I'm not going to venture any predictions on what may be discussed or come out of this committee.  There is no doubt that K-12 and higher education, which consists of 68% of all general revenue expenditures, will be thoroughly scrutinized.   


If you happen to be up at the Capitol, my House seat is number 87 and my office will be in room 165-b, West.  I am happy to say that I'll be sharing that office with Representative Kasha Kelly.  Kasha is a fiscal and social conservative and judging by her voting record we should get along wonderfully.    


I'll soon have my new office phone number, until then you can contact me by going to my web site at  or e-mail me at 


Thank You for giving me this opportunity to serve.  May God bless us and Kansas abundantly. 


 February 2, 2011
This year, both Groundhog Day and the State of the Union address occur on the same day.

As Air America Radio pointed out, "It is an ironic juxtaposition of events: One involves a

meaningless ritual in which we look to a creature of little intelligence for prognostication

while the other involves a groundhog."

 Don't Ask...Don't Tell Policy      
I am writing this as a 26-year Army veteran who was wounded in combat in Vietnam and also bandaged wounded soldiers in combat. Although I was in Afghanistan in 2002, I was not in actual combat. It you examine the letters to the editor, the editorials, and the columns in the KC Star; you will find not one mention of the impact of this decision in regards to the realities of the battlefield. I sent the attached letter to the Star (it has a guest column "As I See It" which allows for submissions of this length). I sent it before Thanksgiving and it was never printed. I also sent it to our current and future Kansas Congressional delegation. I thought that my unique perspective would be of interest to the paper. Obviously, I was wrong.

The US Congress has now legitimized an abhorrent immoral practice that can only lead to serious disruption within the military. It is a policy that will fly in the face of many of us who believe that the physical sexual act between men and between women has not only proven to be deadly, but is contrary to God's creation. It is a policy that I expect very soon will lead to courts-martial of chaplains who dare to preach God's word about the sin of homosexuality. The attached letter addresses both the battlefield consequences as well as data from studies regarding the spread of HIV/AIDS. In short, the Congress simply does not give a damn about the impact on soldiers who have an extremely high probability of contracting AIDS and passing that death sentence to heterosexual soldiers.

A significant problem, in my opinion, is that the vast majority of the Congress and the American public are completely divorced from the military. Few members of Congress have served, and even fewer have combat experience. I doubt that any of the Star columnists have served in the military, at least from the bios I have been able to check. I believe there is no understanding of what occurs on a battlefield. Hence, they and the public, view the gay issue only in terms of some bogus civil right rather than the life-and-death matter that it actually is.

I want to be clear that I am speaking only from my personal experience. My experience was that I was wounded in a fight where my unit took over 50% casualties-fortunately no deaths. It was terrifying and chaotic. Back then there were no such things as rubber gloves for the medics or anyone else. It was a situation where the medic was treating a lot of people and was being assisted by those who were able to do so, all the while fighting what we thought to be "for our lives." I find it hard to imagine that, even if the medic had had enough rubber gloves, that he would have been able to change them between every wounded soldier. I am not trying to be dramatic; that was the way it was and Congressmen and women and many liberal military-hating so-called journalists don't have a clue about such situations, or if they do simply don't give a ----

Now, what if a wounded soldier were gay? With blood all over, with bare hands, with wounded soldiers bandaging wounded soldiers, blood is going to be mixed. What if that gay soldier is HIV positive? How many other soldiers could be infected by his blood? Does anybody give a damn? Apparently not the Congress; not the media; and not the American people because they certainly did not raise a major outcry against repeal.

A sucking chest wound inflicted by a bullet is not uncommon in combat. It is necessary to get the chest cavity sealed as quickly as possible. Ideally, the person treating the wound will have rubber gloves. What if none are available? If the wounded soldier is known to be gay, someone has to make a decision whether to use his hands to cover the bullet hole while applying a dressing, or letting the guy die. What member of Congress is willing to make that choice? I have seen traumatic amputations in combat. There is a great deal of blood. The first reaction is to wretch. Apparently the idiots that voted for repeal of the gay ban actually believe that it is possible to treat that wound without getting the blood on oneself. In another fight I had a medic give mouth to mouth to a soldier who was mortally wounded to try to sustain him long enough to be med-evaced. How much of his blood did my medic ingest? Apparently the 315 medical doctors in the House and Senate who voted for repeal have a good answer to how future medics will provide similar treatment to gay soldiers. Again, the choice-treat the gay soldier and possibly die yourself, or don't treat him and let him die.

What if the medic is gay and is treating the wounded although wounded himself? Or has cut himself while taking care of the wounded? I guess for the gay rights advocates it will be perfectly acceptable for him to infect wounded soldiers, because, after all, the gay person is a repressed minority so cannot be condemned for anything.

How does this sorry bunch called Congress propose to prevent an HIV positive person from being in the situation in which I found myself? Will everyone have to undergo HIV testing? How often based on the incubation rate? We know damn well there will be no requirement that only gay soldiers get frequent testing because that would be discriminatory. Better to let a gay soldier go untested than have a heterosexual soldier die after being infected. Oh, and how much will the testing, if any is allowed to be done, cost?

How about the Congress simply decree that gay soldiers may not serve in combat units? Therefore, gay soldiers will have the least amount of risk for being wounded. Just let heterosexuals face the bullets and the RPGs so tainted blood will not be an issue. I would not be surprised if some moron in Congress actually proposes that.

The situation now is that there is absolutely nothing that can be done. The damn Democrats and eight damn Republicans in the Senate passed what the worthless majority in the House passed. This president who is constitutionally the commander-in-chief of the military but certainly never had the guts to join the military (I know it is not mandated in the Constitution) will now sign it into law. My question is, if a soldier dies from being infected by AIDS from a gay soldier, who does the family sue? Who is going to stand up and say maybe we made a mistake? Certainly not the cowards in Congress whose only interest is to appease donors who can get them reelected.

Repealing the vote is out of the question. Even if the new House were to pass such a measure, the jack-asses in the Senate would vote it down. Even if they had a change-of-heart, this president will veto it. And the ones who pay the price are not the bastards who voted for it, but the soldiers and the families who volunteered to serve the nation.
This vote has the potential to devastate the military. As I point out in the attachment, 10%-15% of the military say they will get out. If that happens we will be in an extremely serious situation. But the great American public wanted an ultra-liberal president and a radical left-wing Democrat Congress and Republicans who aren't worth a bucket of "spit" and this is what we all have to live with.

Although I still work for the Army, I will not be deployed to a combat zone. But if my children were an age where they were considering serving this nation in the military, I would advise them not no but hell no. When getting reelected is more important to the president and the Congress than is the well-being of the soldier, only an absolute fool would opt to put themselves at risk of serious wounds or death-the latter of which can be caused by both the enemy and a homosexual American soldier.

As far as I am concerned, the members of Congress who voted for this are worthless.

Richard L. Kiper, Ph.D.
US Army (Retired)
            Intellectuals, Jihad, Abrogation, and Dhimmi's



Kirk SoursIntellectuals abound. Oh yes, they are everywhere. They think of themselves as, perhaps agnostic, atheistic, or secular. The thing about these "intellectuals" that I find so very humorous is these very individuals who perceive themselves as "broadminded" and "tolerant" are the most narrow minded and intolerant creatures when it comes to things they have no real knowledge of, specifically spiritual matters, or more generally "Religion". Furthermore, what really amazes me, is in spite of their unbelief or even disdain for "religion", they do not cease from embracing and even defending the most oppressive of all these; Islam.

As I observe the commentary from the "intellectuals" something becomes very clear: It isn't simply that they defend and embrace Islam, but the fervent hatred with which they address and refer to Christianity and Christians. Never mind that the entirety of Western society has its basis in the Judeo-Christian ethos; if it is Christian it must be evil. If it is anti-Christian it must be good. (It isn't yet politically correct to slander Jews in America. Jews aren't Christians and therefore do not yet warrant the same vitriol.) Isaiah 5 speaks of those calling "evil good and good evil." The Book of Romans puts it, "Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools."

Education does not equal intelligence; nor does knowledge equal wisdom. Education is simply information transfer and knowledge is the retention of that information. Intelligence is the capacity to process that information. But wisdom... Wisdom is spiritual.

Wisdom is that rare quality of discernment which guides the proper dispensation and application of knowledge. You cannot obtain wisdom from instructors; worldly wisdom comes only from objective assessment of world experience. Likewise, godly wisdom comes from experiencing God. Therefore, the "intellectual" has placed himself at an obvious disadvantage when assessing things of a spiritual or religious nature.

Many critics throw out the "Crusades" as proof that Christianity is just as wicked as any other religion. Then also, terms like "Christian terrorist" when referring to people like Scott Roeder, (murderer of the abortion provider, Dr. George Tiller) or Timothy McVeigh, convicted of the Oklahoma City bombing. These are used in order to deflect criticism of Islamic terrorism or try and make the point that Islamic terrorists are but an extreme element and Christianity has its own terrorists. (You can hear this on any radio talk show or website which discusses Islam.)

I would never stoop to defend or justify any murderer nor advocate any such actions of these criminals as justified on any political or religious basis. I have previously set forth my argument for evaluating a religion according to its own founding documents or scriptures. (See Fundamentals)

Admittedly, there have been some horrendous things done throughout history in the name of Christianity. Not only to Muslims, but more-so to Jews and to Christians who refused to acquiesce to Papal authority. However, such an act that is done under the banner of "Christianity" by an individual, group, government or even a church, is not found as a directive in Christian scripture. Therefore, the responsibility lies not at the feet of the religion, but squarely upon those who perpetrated the acts. Nowhere will you find a scriptural reference to the man Jesus commanding an earthly army or admonishing his followers to advance Christianity or any religion by the sword.

Islam on the other hand, has instructions given for jihad, holy war, in the Quran. It is very specific in who and how to kill unbelievers and apostates. In fact, it warns against refusing to make war upon the unbelievers, and advises Muslims not to befriend non-Muslims. If you question the definition of 'jihad' look no further than Sharia itself*. The first line (o9.0) reads: "Jihad means to war against non-Muslims, and is etymologically derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion..." There are nearly 8 pages of instruction on how to conduct jihad, its Quranic justification, its obligatory character, the objectives of jihad, the spoils of war, and so on. In all those pages only one line states of the "greater jihad", the inner struggle, "it is the spiritual warfare against the lower self". This latter definition is the one given for Western consumption. *[Reliance of the Traveler: A Classic Manual of Islamic Sacred Law]

Jihad is justified when Islam is insulted. To insult Islam one needs to do no more than reject it. Sharia requires that an invitation to Islam is given to non-Muslims. If rejected, this is seen as an offence to Islam and consequently justifies jihad as a "defensive" action. Medieval Islam had reached the zenith of its empire by jihad. History has shown it will only co-exist long enough to re-arm, regroup, and gain strategic advantage. Once it has the advantage, the battle continues.

There also seems to be some confusion among those "intellectuals" about history, some citing jihad as a response to the Crusades.

For context here is the historical timeline: Judaism founded by the Hebrews circa 1400 BC. Jesus Christ crucified 33 AD and Christianity founded by Jews in 1st Century in Jerusalem. Roman Church established 325 AD by Constantine. Mohammad gets his first vision in 610 AD establishing Islam and dies in AD 632. Islam conquers from Central Asia across North Africa and by 750 AD has advanced into France where it is finally stopped at Tours. (The Crusades to reclaim Jerusalem for Rome would not be declared for another 300 years.)

The establishment of the historical timeline is significant in understanding Islam today. There is a principal, a law established in Quran known as "Abrogation". This single word and principal is perhaps the most important tenet in Islam.

Quran is very unique among the texts of 'revealed religion', in that it invokes this principal known as "abrogation". That is to say, "the latter annuls the former". In other words, the earlier peaceful revelations to Mohammad are abrogated by the later, more violent revelations. Mohammad was quite a peaceful and affable individual early in his ministry, but after the Meccans put out a warrant on him he fled to Medina, where he gained strength militarily. Mohammad began raiding Meccan caravans as retribution. Eventually, this violence increased culminating in a war which the 'Prophet' was victorious being personally militarily involved.

This law of "abrogation" is discussed in Quran concerning the disclosure of Sura's to Mohammad as a progression of revelation, bringing Mohammad and his Companions from point A to point B slowly and in stages. This is the model set forth by Islamic scholars for the strategy of covering the entire world with the cloak of Islam. You see, the historical 'revealed religions' occur sequentially. First came Judaism, then came Christianity, and finally comes Islam. Islam teaches that each successive religion abrogates the former until Islam reigns supreme, and without opposition. So much for "co-existence".

To my "intellectual" friends I would simply impart this fair warning: Christians and Jews are known in Al Quran as "People of the Book". Once conquered, if they do not choose to convert to Islam, these are afforded the status of "Dhimmi" if they agree to submit to the authority of Islam and pay the Jizya (poll tax). Dhimmi must acquiesce to Muslims in everything and have no equity with Muslims. Atheists and pagans are offered no such clemency. There is only conversion or death. There is no tolerance for "intellectual dissention".

Please do not simply dismiss this information. Do some reading to see if it isn't so. The current narrative is being written by Islam. It cannot be trusted. Never forget the Islamic doctrine of "abrogation".

I do not advocate bigotry toward Muslims; only understanding that Islam is antithetical to the American system of government, to the Judeo-Christian ethos, to liberty and choice, and equality before the law. Islam has its own socio-political system which emanates from Shari'a. It is not simply a "religion".

Prove me wrong.

Kirk Sours - December 2010



Putting Things in Perspective 

Dennis Prager - Q & A at the University of Denver
"We the People" is the mantra of the people.
The Party Platform is the voice of the Party in action.
Politicians are instruments to be used to effect policy and change.

An Anonymous Observation
"The danger to America is not Barack Obama but a citizenry capable of
entrusting a man like him with the Presidency. It will be far easier to limit and undo the follies of an Obama presidency than to restore the necessary common sense and good judgment to a depraved electorate willing to have such a man for their president. The problem is much deeper and far more serious than Mr. Obama, who is a mere symptom of what ails America. Blaming the prince of the fools should not blind anyone to the vast confederacy of fools that made him their prince. The Republic can survive a Barack Obama, who is, after all, merely a fool. It is less likely to survive a multitude of fools such as those who made him their president."
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