September 23, 2012

Not Just Another Grooming (from Listen to Life)


 "Can you fit her into an appointment for grooming and cut," I asked. The technician at the pet grooming shop said that I was only booked for a shampoo for Lacey. "Grooming, too....please," I replied. Luckily his 3:00 appointment had cancelled so there was a spot for my almost-decade old dog.



Our gentle little mostly blind dog has had a rough week, in and out of the veterinarian's office for treatment of pancreatitis. (more)





The Edge of the Nest  (from Daddin')



The sight is familiar: the young one stands at the edge of the nest, knowing in its heart and mind that the time to fly has arrived. He spreads his wings and feels the air move across their surfaces, causing a natural lift. What he wants to do-fly-is his call and comes naturally. I see it in my 20-year old. I've seen it before in his brothers, but this time it is different-he is the last from this nest.  (more)




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