February 5, 2012

Chemistry in Life




There are not very many chemistry-based things that I remember from chemistry class sophomore year in high school; there are plenty of memories but few have to do with chemistry.  One term I remember clearly is "supersaturation," which I remember being explained as something like this:  "When a solution has so much of a soluble ingredient that it cannot take a molecule more...that solution is 'supersaturated.'"  Life can be that way sometime.

One only need look in one's own heart, or to the lives of others to see that sometimes events and conditions saturate our minds, our hearts and our souls.  There are so many things that fill our beings and we don't know what will be that which takes us to our limits.  In the moment, they may be perceived as grand or "minor" items:  it could be a downturn in health, or a sad song; rejection or a committee meeting; unrequited love or a powerful reminiscence; the loss of a loved one or a persistently crying child.  We don't know when we will hit that point; likewise, we don't know how close the people we encounter (friends, family, colleagues or strangers) are to reaching supersaturation.

But we differ from solutions; we have soulutions.  Just when it seems we have all that we can handle, our capacities are increased by the support of a friend, time spent with our child or grandchild, a few moments listening to rain or watching a sunrise, someone's appreciation of our assistance, heartfelt laughter...many things change our ability to accept more of what life brings.

Philosophers and religious address the abilities humans have to endure and they often cite people in extraordinary circumstances.  In the day-to-day lives that occupy most of us, the state of supersaturation comes in less dramatic ways. Exhale...there are ways to take a bit more.






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