January 30, 2012

Blank Pages





Ernest Hemingway was asked about the scariest thing he had ever encountered.  Considering his lifestyle, one can only imagine the sort of spine-tingling, fear-factor terror that he had stared down during his life.  His response?  "A blank sheet of paper."

I have a blank journal that is intimidating me.  I haven't written much in the past year and precious little in the past few months.  Perhaps the words that resided on the pages from earlier made it hard for new words to make it to the paper, so I figured I would start anew.  I put a new refill into my leather journal protector and it is now waiting for me to get started with some ink or graphite.  Starting anew with nothing other than ruled lines, or nothing at all, can be scary indeed, and not just when writing.

Writing is expression based on thoughts, feelings and wonderments.  What else in life is a form of expression born in these ways?  Love, adventure, music.  Dance, song.  Working, parenting, exploring.  There are many times and many ways that we are confronted with a blank sheet of paper in life.  These are great times to consider anew what to convey and keep, what to share and to keep secret, and the perfect opportunity to redefine our expression.  It also provides the chance to begin ignoring the lines on the paper, too.


Every day presents us with a blank sheet of paper, if we allow ourselves to think that way.  Each day we can scribe in words and actions. Start anew and remember life is a "work in progress" anyway.  Write on, fearlessly! 








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