January 16, 2012

Invitation to More




A few decades ago, a friend's parents told her to be quiet from her incessant chatter while they were on the road. The silence didn't last long when she questioned how they could hear what she was thinking if she didn't talk. I guess I have the same problem but with written words. Today, I invite you to a few of my other outlets. All are based on my belief that perhaps some of my ideas can help someone in some way. That is good enough for me. I hope something there helps you at some time. How can you know what I have to share if I don't write it down and offer it up, right?


I hope you enjoy.



The Enabler's Blog   "Enabler" has a negative connotation. But there is also a positive perspective. Sometimes our God-given abilities need a bit of "enabling" and encouragement.



Philanthropy Liaison  After a quarter century raising funds in higher education, I have learned a thing or two about the profession, and a few million things about what makes for meaningful giving. Unfortunately, when a person gives a signal of one type or another that s/he is interested in making a sizeable donation (size as it relates to their capacity), fundraisers and family members begin to get itchy. It occurred to me that no one really stands for the donor. Now there is a philanthropist's ally.



Daddin: The Verb of Being a Dad  A year-plus since the publication of my book by the same name comes the blog that charts the "next phase," which includes my oldest son now daddin' in his own ways and me beginning the journey as a granddad to a little girl who will most certainly rock my world (she already has), and as a dad in-law to two wonderful women. The last chapter of the book cites that life goes on and is about change. And so it is.




Various writings: Don't forget the other writings, tip sheets for creatives, poetry and presentations.








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