January 10, 2012

Plan B




Well, time for Plan B. And I am okay with it. I have no idea how many Plan B contingencies I have had to employ in my personal and professional lives, but the ability to do so-indeed, the requirement to-is what helps me, and you and anyone to be more capable of adjusting, tacking to the wind, and accommodating life's happenings and surprises. Plan B is important when re-visiting our big picture goals and ambitions, too.



The new Plan B revealed to me in steps over the past week or so fits into other elements of things I have learned. Planning should be based on knowledge-new and old-and should accommodate such information and wisdom. The clarity came tonight while teaching Beginning Photography: Composition at Houston Center for Photography as I watched the students smile, nod and get excited at the things they learned, and as they showed appreciation for my frequent pauses to say "I LOVE this stuff." Amidst this, I considered a recent interview I conducted for the 50: Years, Faces, Stories project that I am completing for the Clear Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.


The woman I interviewed teaches dance and has done so for 42 years. She had aspirations of dancing on Broadway, but at some point in her career, she realized that audiences don't recall the names of the dancers they watch but students remember the names of the teachers that inspire them. We all have the chance to be that "remembered teacher" when we share from our experiences and knowledge with those who can benefit. Teaching/learning bonds us.


See, I thought I wanted to be famous or publicly recognized for my expertise. I have undertaken many Plan B adaptations to try to make that happen. This latest Plan B only requires me to continue loving the teaching, the photography, the sharing of ideas and knowing that some people will fondly remember and appreciate what I have done. I did it because I love them. The new Plan B is going to be so much easier.








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