January 2, 2012

New Organization





I wished I had nothing to do. I would find something to do. Listening to ads over this holiday period (though I tried desperately to avoid them), I believe there is a need-a desperate need-for a common sense organization that can raise funds but not by using sappy tunes about the holidays and love and even using the name---I swear this is true!-of, gulp, Jesus Christ. Ad after ad used songs and pitiful looking animals for various animal rights organizations.


Don't get me wrong. I love my adorable little blind dog that sleeps in my bed (though I swore she never would) and for whom I obtained spinal surgery that has taken me a year to pay off. Don't even begin to preach to me about loving animals. I have them as pets. I buy them wrapped in cellophane from the grocery store, too. So be it.


But as famous people serve as spokesmen for starving and lame animals, I think of the child-leader in North Korea who has taken over the leadership (sort of) of a population that is starving and is closed off to the world; of Communist countries where freedom, liberty, healthcare, food, and living wages are in scarcity; of the Christians who have fled Iraq, who were bombed in Somalia (How DARE they celebrate Christmas!); of the Jews are who told every day that the goal of many is to wipe them off the face of the Earth (and Moses thought his time in the desert was bad?); of the majority of Chinese (not those flouted for media exposure) who are living on poverty wages and are commanded to work at specific places so the world can buy their cheap junk; of women in Muslim countries who are stoned, or given an acid treatment or worse for breaking out of the boundaries; of the Muslim women in other parts of the world (including, recently in Texas) who are murdered by their fathers or family members for growing a brain of their own and deciding to live a life of their own which makes them worthy of an "honor killing." I think of the famous people who sing their songs and use their names to save the animals, and I wonder who stands for humanity. Certainly no one that I can think of.


So, if I had nothing to do, I would create an organization that fought the mistreatment of people. American Society for the Prevent of Cruelty to Women...or to Human Beings....ASPCW or ASPCHB. Hmmm. Or People for the Ethical Treatment of People Everywhere....PETPE.   I would use videos from everywhere, ranging from our slums to everywhere else in the world. I would show stonings, female genital mutilation, burning churches, starving families, and more. I wouldn't do it like Sally Struthers and others did who tend to suggest that people in terrible conditions are simply in those conditions, when in many circumstances it has to do with the corruption of their leaders (political or religious or both). On the scale of things, I am not sure it would be possible to raise enough money to show the amount of mistreatment of human beings by our "friends" and "allies" and those we protect for politically correct reasons. The cages behind which the ads show felines and canines is nothing compared to those of the people of Somalia, Cuba, China, North Korea, Iran, Saudia Arabia and so many more. C'mon folks, let's be honest.


What the heck...I probably couldn't get a nonprofit status for such an organization. But I can't stop listening...to the lack of life afforded most of humanity, and to the silence of our leaders and celebrities to that. Where are the champions of all people? I know where I find that champion.








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