December 27, 2011





One would think that by listening to life and the conditions thereof, insights could be gleaned as to what actions could be taken or words administered for the "better good."  One would think. News during the holiday season a few trips to the nearby Walmart reveal great opportunities for those of enough courage to act on conscience and declare those positions proudly.

Cited in the news were the murders and beatings on the streets, and break-ins at malls so people could possess Air Jordan shoes.  There is plenty of insanity to those actions and many can lay claim to the stupidity of holding shoes in such high regard above human life.  Maybe I missed it, but I can't seem to find anywhere that Michael Jordan spoke out publicly that no pair of shoes, including those that bear his name, deserve the covetousness and violence born by the release of the new shoes bearing his name.  It seems he would say something if he had a conscience.  I would think that the audiences beating and killing for his shoes would also be receptive to at least hearing him out.

Each trip to Walmart grated on me, and not just because of the crowds.  I swam in the pool so I can't be too upset about the conditions of it, eh?  But today, when talking to the man behind the register in the sporting goods section, our conversation shifted from ammunition (Walmart has the lowest prices anywhere) to frustration about Walmart's buying practices. I said, "I remember when old man Walton was around, they committed to American-made products and some towns were almost resurrected because of those policies."  We chatted further and I continued to contemplate the situation while looking for a copy of the movie, It's a Wonderful Life.  What happened to Walmart after its founder died?  Where is the leadership in the organization....ANYwhere in that massive company...who says, "Look at America's need for jobs, for building the capabilities of manufacturers, for Americans being able to have more control over their destinies."?  The thought process continued.  Maybe shareholders should speak out, maybe shoppers should  boycott. Again, I returned to "Where are the leaders with a conscience?"  Yes, low prices are important but so, too, is leadership.  So, too, are solutions that would allow for lower manufacturing costs for work done in America.  Maybe the "leaders" haven't noticed that unemployment is high and investment in progress is low.

The two scenarios I described are related by covetousness (of shoes or profit), by greed (for status symbols or profit), by short-sightedness (lack of vision in many ways).

If people of conscience at all levels of society who listen to the conditions of life would exhibit leadership to share and encourage vision.....if only.






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