December 25, 2011

The Gift of This Christmas





Almost midnight, Christmas day awaits

Or should I say that Santa does?

The stockings are full and gifts in place

But this will be unlike the Christmas that was.


The house will be empty, sons in various places

I'll be contemplating and smoking some meats

'Cause Grandpa Christmas will be on the 26th

New traditions can't be beat.


Despite all that has happened this year

Including a son's marriage and my divorce

This Christmas seems beautifully poignant

A calmness has become my force.


In the calm, I've given up Santa

(Until little granddaughter opens her stuff!)

And I decry the religion of merchandise

That provides only bills-that's enough!


The poignancy in this year's celebrations

Is the remembrance of my faith and beliefs,

The wrong things have gotten lost in my life

This year's solitude is a gift, a renewal, a relief.


This Christmas reminds me of God's love

It reminds me to simplify my thoughts

It encourages me that giving is loving

This Christmas reminds me that caring is never for naught.


The Son of God didn't need Air Jordans

Nor did he need malls, let's be clear

He changed the world with a message of love

Let that be the gift of the year.


Merry Christmas, my friends.








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