December 18, 2011

A Wedding Reminder of What Matters




Weddings, by their nature, are supposed to be times of celebration, meaningfulness, fun, and optimism for the hopes and dreams for the future. All this pertains to the special couple and to all those in attendance. And so it was this weekend when my middle son, Justin, married Roxie. The beautiful blending of families in Texas Hill Country was all that it was supposed to be, and more.


Many back stories added to the poignancy. The intended officiant was a friend of the family, but he passed away unexpectedly a few months ago. His widow was asked to preside, but she was confirmed to have cancer...stage four. She battled and presided. She conducted a beautiful ceremony. Another relative battled a severe difficulty with cystic fibrosis, but she attended and performed her reading magnificently. One of my high school buddies attended, three days after having a malignant tumor removed from his kidney. In the beauty of hope seen in the couple's event also resided the beauty of humanity and all of its toils, troubles confronted with optimism and love.


One of the startling truths of the wedding was the genuineness. Such is humanity...and love, as it supposed to be.


Justin and Roxie, enjoy the adventure that is marriage; appreciate the adventure that is love. I love you both.



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