October 2, 2011

Becoming Grandpa



I was shopping at Academy Sports and Outdoors, in a section that I have never shopped in before.  After I made my selection, I turned to walk to a more familiar section of the store-the fishing area-and I caught a glimpse of a woman looking toward me with a gentle smile.  I believe she could tell that that was the first time that I have ever bought something that was pink and had sparkles or glitter or something on it.  I had entered more than a new section of the store, I have entered a new phase of life:  grandpa.  And grandpa to a little (darling!) girl.

Granted the item was a ball cap with an image of a marlin on it, but still!  And then I purchased a child's fold up chair.  Pink.  Dora the Explorer theme.  I hope as she grows up she realizes that life is an adventure to be explored, and that she can enjoy the ride as a woman who loves pink.

Today is her birthday party and I will happily deliver the items though she likely has a bit of growing to do for each, but those items, just like her grandpa, will be waiting for her next step.  We will both be taking growth steps, and I will enjoy the moments of listening to herlife.








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