September 11, 2011

Nine Eleven





The term "nine eleven" will never mean the same, not after this country was attacked 10 years ago by radical Muslims intent on jihad against the United States of America.  I remember it clearly; I can barely remember the true feelings from that day; I remember the images on television; I can barely remember the attack being anything but fodder for political attacks and diatribe.  Until today.

As I drove home from Wal-Mart, with bags of garden soil to prepare for a fall planting of vegetables (hope springs eternal), I saw a fire truck ladder standing tall into the sky with an American flag atop.  I slowed as I drove by on the other side of the street and gave several short honks until the firemen on the drive turned my direction.  I gave a thumbs up.  They waved.  Hope springs eternal.


The world is dealing with incredible turmoil now in all corners.  Some is economic, some social, some political, some religious...and on and on.  I have some opinions that I will share for another time, perhaps over a beer with you, but I won't pretend to have the facts of what is really happening.  But I am reminded of the other terrible times in human history, and how the battles of good and evil have been fought within individuals as well as between them since the time of creation.  Yet, we persist.  We must.  HOPE, springs eternal.







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