June 19, 2011

This Father's...Day




I guess that I could have declared this sooner than now, but today I say "I am no longer the father of boys.  I am a dad to men."  This Father's Day weekend seems the appropriate time to state so.

In the past nine months, the oldest had a child, the middle son got engaged and the youngest graduated from high school.  Each is thoughtful and thought-filled; each is strong willed and compassionate; and, none desires to be a clone of anyone.  Each is their own man.

On Saturday, all three served as honorary pallbearers at the funeral of a friend of the family who we first met in 1994.  As I watched them, listened to them, and shared with them, it was clear that these men relished the stories of their youth and the people who have entered-and left-their lives.  They are not afraid to be touched by humanity, or by their own humaneness. 

Each of these men have dreams, and own their responsibilities-each is doing it their own way, and none of them are doing it perfectly, a reality they accept with grace, though humbleness can sometimes be hard to come by.  They are McInnises, after all. 

I have learned more about the latter truth this weekend, too, as I have been reconnected to my dad's niece who I have not seen since I can't remember when.  In our correspondence, she is sharing stories of my dad, his family and heritage that I have not heard before, or have not heard with the nonjudgmental honesty that I am getting from her.  When I read that dad was disciplined with razor straps, belts, and plow reins, I further appreciated his strength and courage to not replicate that behavior with his own children.  Instead, he renounced it completely.  My mother, too, was disciplined harshly as a child, and she, too, swore to never do the same.  I see that the courage that I have witnessed in my sons-courage of many types-comes to them naturally.  They are McInnises, after all.

And this Father's Day, I am a grandfather.  A proud one to a beautiful girl who will grow up to be thoughtful and thought-filled, strong willed and compassionate, her own woman who owns her dreams and responsibilities, and who moves through life with courage.  She is a McInnis, after all.

I am a proud father.  I am a proud son.  And now I am also a proud father in-law, and proud grandfather.  And blessed to have the relationships I have-new, old and re-found.




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