June 5, 2011

Ask For Their Best





I am not sure why I did it, but I'm glad I did.

I got a massage tonight and when the woman asked what I was looking for, I said, "I tell you what.  Do whatever kind of massage you think you're best at."  I'm not sure why I turned the tables that way, but as I lay there, I thought about that invitation and how it was coming to pass with touches, rubs, and conversation.  I am the better for it.

We talked some about life, diet and kids.  At one point, I said "It is clear why you have chosen this profession."  Even with my face down, I could almost hear her smile.  "You think so?" she replied.  She explained a bit about why she loved the work as she provided a variety of pressure types depending on what she sensed in each muscle.  In my mind, I believed I was getting the best of her talents, and that made me appreciate her efforts even more.

I thought about how this concept can work at other times, too, whether with colleagues at work, kids when deciding play time, partners when discussing who is cooking what, and more.  There are many times when we have options, and perhaps one option isn't our own needs. It doesn't work at all times, but sometimes, think of asking for their best instead of just what you want. The results can be rewarding




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