January 2, 2011

The H Word


The H Word could be holiday, considering the "season" that we were in.  But that word does nothing for me or to me, nor does it say anything except to serve as a catch-all or euphemism.  For all the hoopla (no, that's not the word either) over gifts and how each person deserves only the finest car/toy/device/day possible, we seem to forget the message we should be receiving.

Over the past few weeks, it seemed that every direction I turned, someone died:  an employee's dad, my great uncle, a photographer from a local club, my son's grandfather in-law; there were diagnoses of dreaded diseases occurring or re-occurring with a vengeance.

On a less profound level, these past days that were the target of shopping, chores, stress and planning for weeks, did not turn out as planned:  Christmas Day was spent at home, taking care of a sick wife.  Truth be told, the quietness of the day was a blessing.  We then staggered our Christmas break over several days taking in her family members and the boys, providing many days of less hectic gatherings.

Several times over the past couple of weeks, Cameron and I took our new boat out for fishing.  With high hopes (no, that's not the word either), Justin joined us on one excursion.  We caught nothing.  And maybe that is why apostles were fishermen...it teaches....humility.  That is the H Word.

For all the hoopla and high hopes of the holidays, we have no control over them or any other day.  We have no control over much of anything except how we react to disease, plans, fishing trips...life.  As I write before heading back to work and to my new role as the president of The Arts Alliance Center at Clear Lake, I pause to realize how little control is to be had and how humble we should really be in the face of fate, in the acts of living. For all the great things that we may believe we can and must do, we must remain humble to the fact of our lack of control, and to the true value in each day.

I appreciate all the gifts I received.  A reminder of the value of humility may be the best of them.


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