December 5, 2010

Younger by the Day


Time flies.  Things keep happening.  And it feels like my aging body has a younger man in it with each occurrence.  Wiser, but younger.

Just over a year ago, my oldest son married and two months ago the first grandchild arrived; in a few months my youngest son graduates from high school, marking a huge step further along his journey of manhood; and this past Saturday my middle son proposed in the mountains and she accepted.  Amidst those things were others-sublime and profound, bold and quiet-that make my heart beat stronger, my words come stronger, my breaths fill my lungs, and my mind explore the possibilities of each moment.  I can still do better with my moments.  But being older and wiser counsels me on what to do with time instead of merely spending it as is the inclination of youth.

As busy as this past year has been with the events listed above, plus the publication of my latest book, the trip to teach photography in the Czech Republic and the purchase of a modest boat, it is the less eventful efforts that fill my lungs and pump my heart daily.  With each new experience flavored with the taste of wisdom, I sip from an odd fountain of youth.  It hasn't stopped my hair from graying, or the other signs of aging to stop, but life does become tastier with each event witnessed, action taken or experience chanced.

Grow younger the next moment you have a chance.




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