September 26, 2010
We have no control over time or timing.  And that is a good thing.
I have been working on my new book , Daddin', which is a tribute to fatherhood.  I was unable to meet my intended deadline of Father's Day 2010.  Thank goodness.  Instead, I finished it and received my author's copies this past Friday, 48 hours before the arrival of our first grandbaby-Lillian Ann.  I arrived at the hospital with one of my first copies to give to Dion as he entered the world of fatherhood.  Perfect timing.

Dion and Candice worked for months on La Maze lessons and other preparations for their baby's arrival.  Labor began before midnight on Saturday, but the process stalled and the baby shifted and one thing after another until 17 hours later when a c-section brought their daughter to this world.  Things did not turn out as planned or expected-witness the 5:00 a.m. phone call, "Hurry, it can happen any time now."-and Lillian was born 12 hours later.  Thank goodness.  Perfect timing.

A lot of good came from missed deadlines, unexpected turns of events, and changes in plans, not the least of which is the stark reminder that in parenting and in life, timing is what we make of it, and time is nothing other than something to be filled with living out opportunity.

There were no disappointments this weekend, only pride and appreciation for life, loved ones, and people who matter to us.  To all of us.  The changes reminded us of the constants.  Like love.

We love you Dion, Candice and Lillian Ann.  

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