August 22, 2010
Labor and Delivery
Senior year of high school begins on Monday for Cameron.  He'll start the year by becoming an uncle.  It has been a full summer for him, for his brothers, for Kim and for me. There is a lot to consider. A lot of stories, lessons, successes, experiences, wisdom and ideas were born the past three months.  What now after the births?
The work begins, using the information, gifts, wisdom, creativity, energy, healing, focus, worries and calm that were accumulated in the labor and delivery of living.  I'm tired, but rejuvenated for the next project; I'm humbled by the receiving and yearn to keep giving; I applaud the ideas of others as they seed the ground for my own thoughts; and I feel wiser but am prepared to cope with the realities of my ignorance.  None of it will go smoothly.

Giving life in any way is only the beginning of true work, which is to build and develop with the newness that comes from growth and birth.  Many great things are borne through, and because of, you.  Let the good work begin after a little rest and quiet contemplation on what you have done


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