August 15, 2010
Labor and Delivery

 The idea came to me in 1998:  there is no verb that is used to describe the actions of being a father day in and day out.  Mothers mother, but fathers....do what?  If we say that we saw a man fathering a child, we would likely only think of the connotation of fathering that means "making a baby."  What are the verbs of being a dad?  So, 12 years ago I thought of writing a book to address the verbs of fatherhood.  I've worked at assembling my stories and poetry on the topic for years, trying to reveal insights in being son to a father and father to three sons.  Serious labor began about a year ago when I became comfortable with the concept and organizing elements of the book,  and this weekend I have officially been moved into the delivery room to deal with the final pushes.

The books is written and edited.  A few layout tweaks remain.  They are all that separates me from having the manuscript in the hands of the publisher.  Each conversation that I have with one of my sons acts like Pitocin, hastening along delivery.  In the meantime, life continues.
Lillian Ann McInnis will be born to Dion and Candice McInnis before the book is available.  The verbs of fatherhood will take on new meaning.  Labor and delivery is part of fatherhood.

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