August 1, 2010
Every Day is "Gift Day"


I have not been able to get "gifts" off my mind for the past couple of weeks.  Gifts come in thoughts, experiences, words and actions; they comprise abilities expressed and lessons learned; they represent new twists to old knowledge and old wisdom to new adventures; they include what we give and what we receive; and, they cannot not be used because they are both ability and responsibility.  Gifts are unwrapped by the taking the risk of experiences.  By living we share gifts, and life is a gift.

For the past two weeks, I have been in the Czech Republic.  The first week was to teach photography and the second was primarily for vacation with Kim.  I taught in Plzen and we toured in Prague.  Throughout the time, my thoughts and feelings reminded me that every day of breathing is a "gift day," and we err by designating some days for gifts as if the other days don't provide opportunities for using, giving or receiving them.

When a few people asked, "This is your first trip out of America and you chose to come to the Czech Republic?"  I replied, "Yes, it is and for my first trip out of America I came to teach photography."  The location mattered less than the purpose, though I am blessed by the experience in the Czech Republic and by the students with whom I spent the week.

Photography, teaching and opening others to themselves as creative human beings with things to say comprise the abilities I brought, and, as I told the 11 students from the Czech Republic and Ukraine, for each gram of anything that I gave them, they gave me a kilogram in return.  Every day was "gift day" by being open, giving and receiving with mutual respect and appreciation.  And so should it be in life.

In a format different than Listen to Life, I could write much about the students, what they shared, how they grew and why I miss them.  I could talk about the week of sightseeing, learning, observing and living.  What I heard in the words and saw in the moments was to never stop sharing genuinely or accepting humbly the gifts sincerely offered from the heart-be they actions, words, or simply attention given.  Every day is a day for gifts-don't designate just a few.



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