June 27, 2010
Birthday Relfections 

His handiwork is everywhere.  There's a board nailed into a tree to be used, I assume, as a step.  Since the tree trunk and branches are perfect for sitting and observing, I'll go with my assumption.  He also has a trellis, a hole to gather rain water for his sump pump to help keep the apartment dry in high rains, and most recently he has added shelves for various herb gardens.  These represent just a few of my son's projects.  He's always had projects.  I saw them today at this 29th birthday party.

When kids are young, each party is a celebration; as they get older, they also become reflections.  A year short of 30, he said, "I remember when Aunt Molly gave you that cup for your 30th.  I can't believe I'm this old but remember when you entered geezerhood."  I laugh and explain to others that my sister gave me a coffee cup when I turned 30 that read, "Confucius  say 'life begin at 30'.....Confucius die at 29."

It is funny how memories of our parents collide into our own ages eventually.  The process gives us the rich gift of being able to look forward and back at the same time.

I thought about the cup and his comments while driving home from College Station.  Confucius may have said what he did, but I say "life begins at the age you look at it."



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