June 20, 2010
Father's Day Memories 

"I have a terrible headache and I didn't catch any fish," my eldest son said.  "I already feel like a dad," he added.  He'll be a father in about three months.

I had to laugh at his comment, not to mention the story behind it.  On Friday evening, his wife and he went fishing for their (soon to be)Father's Day fun, and he ended up getting a fishing lure caught in his head that she and another person managed to work out of his skin with much pushing, pulling, and pain. 

It's no surprise that while he and his two brothers were in town to spend some time hanging out and fishing as a Father's Day weekend treat for me, that we spent some time talking about fatherhood and the stories shared with fathers and kids.  We talked about things that brought us to laughter, and things that brought us to quiet thought.

As we fished, Dion said, "I know this sounds cliché, but it seems like 'only yesterday' that we found out we were pregnant and now we're almost there."

"Yes," I replied, "and it seems like only yesterday each of you boys were riding on the shoulders with arms draped around my head, legs wrapped around my neck, and slobbering on my bald spot.  It all goes fast.  My mom told me so, but there's no way of knowing how true it is until you are in it."

"So, how do you slow it down, dad?"

"I think by sharing thoughts and stories.  We share, which reminds us or triggers our own memories.  And writing the stories, taking the photos, and thinking about what's happening."

So, we'll all remember Father's Day 2010 as we share memories and stories of this first as a dad in the making, my last before becoming a grandfather, the flounder we caught, the crazy man who walked across our lines, the crazy people at San Luis pass Saturday night, the flounder we caught, the throw net I forgot for our gar fishing expedition, and much more.  We'll forget a lot of details, I'm sure, but we'll remember that again we spent Father's Day together, and again we enjoyed the time together.

As a dad, time passes quickly, the headaches arise and there are some days of not catching any fish, either literally or figuratively.  But, we remember and we work to remember with fondness, laughter, joy and sorrow the many moments of growing and growing up that make the all the days that lead to the  singular day of Father's Day so special. 

Happy Father's Day to the dads...whether we have them with us or only their memories.



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