June 6, 2010
Messy Boys' Rooms


It's June, which means that Cameron gets to spend the month with us.  Only a couple of days into his stay, and the evidence is overwhelming that he's around.  But, that is the way it is with boys' rooms.  It really isn't too bad, but it does remind me of my mother's calm wisdom that said, "If I get tired of looking at it, I'll close the door to your room."


I'm reminded of that as I approach the completion of my book about being a father and a son.  I include stories and poetry in the book, and this one from August 2003-written about Cameron when he was ten-applies to all the boys, as well as a pleasant reminder of what matters to me. 




A Son's Room


Socks and shoes and toys

Were strewn all over your floor

I looked across the field

While standing at your door

I charged forward

Moving courageously ahead

Until I made it-at last

The destination was your bed

And there we laughed

And we prayed together

Read a few books

Or discussed the weather

The journey from door to bed

Was always an adventurous one

But the trip was always great

'cause it ended with you, my son



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