May 30, 2010

Media reports reveal people expressing a variety of views ranging from the informative to the idiotic; music lyrics sing out beliefs touching all ideologies; houses of worship experience the ebb and flow of believers; and people's stories reveal hopes, dreams, fears and joys.  I listen-I hear freedom.

Tomorrow is Memorial Day, a day to honor millions and millions and millions of people.  Military people.  People who served each other's survival while fighting for their country.  Their battles for tangible gains-a beachhead, an island, a hilltop, a building-were ultimately for the great intangibles of liberty and freedom...for people they did not know in the United States of America or in foreign countries.  It is a day to honor the military millions who have died.

Listen today, any day.  You'll hear expressions of freedom every day.  Tomorrow, pause and be quiet and still for a moment.  Share with others why you did.

Memorial Day-one day, scores of millions deceased, one wish-freedom.

Thank you veterans and their families.


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