May 16, 2010
Busy Brain

I sit at the computer with my brain racing or filled or congested with items, memories and lessons of the past week.  On top of all that, the 16th is my wife's birthday.   I can  only say that that she is still in her 3s.  What am I to do with the is week filled with illnesses of friends, birthday, crazy work, vulnurable utterances from friends and colleagues, conversations with my sons, and so on...all of which inspires me.  And teaches me.  The first poem that I ever shared with Kim holds true today.  It is me. 

Righty Tighty



Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Is how my boys remember which way to turn

Nuts and faucet knobs and such.

I look at my mind

And plead for a catchy expression

To tell me how to turn down the flow or turn it off:

Photographic images pop quickly

As if taken with a powerful flash unit,

Or they come up slowly,

Like a ghostly creation in the tray of developer under soothing orange-brown light;

Poems come in smooth cadences or choppy


That peel away and reveal heart and soul and fears and lusts and ambitions and finality and confusions;

Stories outline themselves while essays ignited by passion,

Turn sometimes into pyres and sometimes

They disappear like lit magic paper;

Projects of all ilk line up for attention-

Compilations of photographs of women who inspire and a-muse,

Anthologies of stories that tell of different times and places,

Books that yawp and books that stop

Disrespect, ignorance, coldness and fear.

Righty tighty, lefty loosey

Is how my boys remember which way to turn

Nuts and faucet knobs and such.

The rule works on beer bottle tops, I've found.

And sometimes then the flow diminishes into peace.


Tonight, it is Makers on ice, but the issue is the same.  It may be for your, too.  Life is so full, so abundant, so complex, so moving, so inspiring, so confusing, so challenging, so complicated, so perplexing, so instructive...that there are times you wish you could simply turn the handle and slow things down.  Aren't we blessed?


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