April 25, 2010
Observing and Doing


"You write about what you observe, not what you do," she said. While I realize that observing and listening are forms of "doing," particularly when you actively participate in them, I also realized her point.  I also have a hard time writing about what I do, compared to what I observe.  She still caught me off guard with her comment.

Are you merely observing while "passing through" or are you actively using what you see, hear, feel and think to improve the richness of your experiences?  Do your senses gather information for you and enrich you, or merely hint at what you're missing by not participating? 

I could tell you all the things that I observed this weekend when Cameron and I geo-cached.  He has been enjoying this activity with his friends, and I went for the first time this weekend.  Just Cameron, me and a GPS unit exploring for hidden "treasures."  (I encourage you to try it! 

www.geocaching.com)  I could tell you about the laughter we shared, the sounds in the woods, the scent of blooming honeysuckle, the near total absence of bees, and the terrains-both easy and hard-that we undertook to find the designated spot.  I could, but I won't. 

I observed that no matter your age, try something new.  And if you can do it with your children, so much the better.  Now, I'm dying to TELL you the story of what happened!  But we'd need to do that face-to-face over a coffee or a brew.

Live your life fully, with your ears and eyes wide open.  Listen to life.



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