April 4, 2010


Easer Sunday is logically the day to be reminded about resurrections, and the faith and optimism required.

 The messages were made more poignant for this weekend's lesson because of our location--Melbourne, Florida, south of Cocoa Beach and the Kennedy Space Center.
First, we attended a church service comprised of largely senior worshippers.  I joked that Kim may have been one of only three there without gray hair.  I was struck by their faith and spirit, which they likely tapped into many times over their years and careers, lives and loves.  They surely resurrected themselves many times over their lives from job changes to hurricanes, keeping their spirits alive despite pain and defeat.  Our mortal lives continue based on the spirit and faith to resurrect ourselves time and again.
After church, we enjoyed a meal and conversation with a friendly waiter who was from the area.  He had witnessed Melbourne's growth from fields to a beautiful little town in a short period of time.  We chatted about the potential decline or death of nearby communities if NASA's future takes the negative track that may occur with the completion of the Space Shuttle project and nothing to follow.
The waiter presented an optimistic response citing the many life-giving benefits and gifts of the area:  "We'll be different, but life will go on."
Whether you review his message as secular, spiritual or religious, it is the essence of our reasons for faith and optimism.
Happy Easter, my friends.

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