March 21, 2010
Beauty in Turbulence


The wind raged throughout the night and has been my company today.  Branches scraped and thumped against the windows, keeping me awake, but admittedly not for long.  The sound of things slamming together outside startles me while I work on writing and editing photographs.  I almost expect to hear the cracking sound of a huge branch excised from the tree by the invisible scalpel of wind, if not of the entire tree coming down.  Amidst it all, a song.  I swear the wind chime is able to play chords thanks to the swirling, forceful wind.

The sound of the notes struck with great rapidity and simultaneously provides music from the chime that I have never heard before.  The notes come and go, depending on the force and direction of the wind as it moves around the fences and trees in the neighborhood, changing the blow's direction and strength.  And when it plays, it is new...and beautiful.  When the wind lulls, peaceful sounds convey


We rob ourselves of new richness when we run for cover in life's various turbulences.  Our mind, emotions and senses experience new thoughts, feelings and sensations when conditions become drastic-whether "good" or "bad."  Be reasonably cautious and aware in such times, but don't be too quick to run to sense-less overprotection...the "basements" in which we seek safety resembles too closely a crypt.


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